The most delicious Mother’s Day feast features this delicacy

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Instead of busy restaurants and fixe prix menus, a delicious Mother’s Day feast can be delivered directly to mom. While everyone knows that mom should never lift a finger on her celebratory day, it doesn’t mean that food delivery comes with her spending the day in the kitchen. In many ways, this option brings delicious, fresh food home and allows for a little cooking creativity along the way.

This year Maine Seafood offered a special Mother’s Day gift box. With enough food for four people, the box included lobster tails, crab meat, oysters, little neck clams and seaweed. Basically, the gift box took all the guess work out of the most delicious Mother’s Day feast.

From defrosting the lobster tails to directions on preparing the clams and shucking the oysters, the guidance will make even the newbie cook feel like a well-prepared chef. In many ways, this gift box takes the intimidation out of ordering, preparing and enjoying Maine Seafood.

Why order Maine Seafood, even beyond the delicious Mother’s Day feast?

Often on a holiday, food is a little more indulgent or a special purchase. Instead of that typical taco or grab-and-go sandwich, the reality is that a little extra care goes into that meal planning. It isn’t about trying to become that Michelin Star chef or the next Gordon Ramsay, but it is about putting in the effort.

As any good chef appreciates, a great meal starts with the best ingredients. Ordering seafood directly from Maine Seafood ensures that the freshest, most flavorful food arrives directly to the home. After one taste, many people will appreciate the flavor difference.

Sometimes people turn away from seafood because they feel that there is a particular aroma. The truth is that fresh seafood never has that aspect. Fresh seafood, when enjoyed at its peak, has a delicate flavor and aroma. The old phrase fish shouldn’t smell like fish stands true.

Thinking about Maine Seafood, it lends itself to a wide variety of recipes. Although Maine will always be associated with its infamous lobsters, it isn’t the only seafood from the area. From simple clams in white wine sauce to a grilled oysters on the half shell, the options are many. Basically, the ocean holds a bounty of tasty treats.

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If you haven’t decided on a delicious Mother’s Day feast this year, consider placing an order from Maine Seafood. When the meal starts with a delicious product, the end result will always bring a smile to mom’s face.