Give mom the sweet dessert that she really wants for Mother’s Day

TGI Fridays Mother's Day cake, photo provided by TGI Fridays
TGI Fridays Mother's Day cake, photo provided by TGI Fridays /

With only a few days till Mother’s Day, do you know what mom really wants? While a sweet dessert is always a top choice to end a meal, the reality is that mom deserves it all on her special day. Have you made plans for mom yet?

Recently, TGI Fridays surveyed moms and asked what did they really want for Mother’s Day. While mom will always smile and be happy with that macaroni necklace and flowers picked from the garden, the reality is that she has some pretty specific ideas on her ideal gift. Luckily, her top choice doesn’t come with an expensive price tag either.

According to the restaurant brand’s findings, “70% of moms want a day to themselves.” in addition, moms said that “their top annoyance is cleaning up after the celebration.” Basically, these statements are a reminder that mom doesn’t want to cook or do the dishes on Mother’s Day. It might seem like a simple request, but it is one that should be remembered.

Sara Bittorf, TGI Fridays, Chief Experience Officer, said “The added pressures of the pandemic have really taken a toll on moms this past year as moms have taken on additional household responsibilities in addition to their everyday routine. To help lessen the effort of planning a Mother’s Day celebration, we want to say thank you to moms and help them create an extra sweet memory at Fridays.”

Buddy Valestro has a sweet dessert that mom wants for Mother’s Day.

Since mom doesn’t want to cook or clean on her special day, TGI Fridays has partnered with Buddy Valestro to give mom a delicious treat. Available now through May 9, the Carlo’s Cookies & Cream Tsunami Cake is on the menu. For many people, it is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of an iconic Cake Boss dessert in their hometown.

One of the recent dessert trends is a tsunami cake. While a gigantic wave is not destroying the dessert on the table, the concept is part dessert and experience. As icing slowly envelopes the cake, the visual enhances the eating experience. It is like a dessert show.

Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss of Carlo’s Bakery, said “This cake screams celebration for all the moms out there. I am excited to partner with TGI Fridays to celebrate moms, and help them break up the everyday routine and enjoy a night out with friends and family.”

With the Carlo’s Cookies & Cream Tsunami Cake, the dessert is presented tableside. As the icing is poured over the rich chocolate cake, it can be difficult to not just grab the fork and dig into the first bite. In between the layers of chocolate cake are OREO cookie vanilla mousse. With OREO cream icing surrounding all the chocolate deliciousness, it can be hard to share. Since it is Mother’s Day, mom can enjoy the whole cake herself. Or, she can share with up to eight of her friends.

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This Mother’s Day, give mom a special day. From a sweet dessert to some time to herself, she deserves to be celebrated.