Lay’s limited edition summer chips bring big, bold flavor to the table

New Lay's limited edition summer chips, photo provided by Lay's
New Lay's limited edition summer chips, photo provided by Lay's /

Summer is heating up and Lay’s limited edition summer chips are part of the excitement. With three new flavors hitting store shelves now, the question isn’t which new chip flavor will you try. Rather, it is which new chip flavor will you try first?

When Lay’s launches a limited-edition flavor, many people run to the closest store and search the shelves for that snack item. From tastes from across the nation to spicy variations of classic snacks, it seems that these special treats add to the snack time enjoyment.

As seen in recent food trends, bold, spicy flavors are taking over the snack bowl. From the battle of extreme flavors to global influenced options, these creative choices are just as popular as the time-honored classics.

What are the new Lay’s limited edition summer chips?

Arriving on store shelves now, the three new Lay’s flavors are Chile Mango, Wavy Jerk Chicken and Summer BLT. In some ways, these new chips might instantly upgrade the summer barbecue just by opening a bag. But, which flavor should you try first?

New Lay's summer chips Chile Mango
New Lay’s Chips for summer, Chile Mango, photo provided by Lay’s /

Looking at the three flavors, the Chile Mango might have the most versatility. While it might be fun to pair this chip with a Pepsi Mango for double the mango flavor, the combination of sweet and spicy makes for an enjoyable flavor experience. And, if that tropical getaway is off the table this summer, the flavors are slightly reminiscent of the beach.

Thinking about the Chile Mango, the flavor would be a lovely pairing with a grilled chicken. Although Lay’s might prefer that all those chips stay in the bowl, using these chips as a coating for a chicken would be amazing. Then again, that idea is perfect for those chip crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

The Summer BLT might be the perfect hamburger chip. While many chefs endorse putting chips on top of a burger, this flavor could make skipping the lettuce and tomato condiments an option. Sometimes a chip can do it all.

Lastly, the Wavy Jerk Chicken flavor might be the most creative chip flavor of the summer. By hitting the spicy, sweet and smoky notes that make Jerk Chicken so tasty, this snack is a must try. Plus, the Wavy style is always a summertime favorite. Whether or not you dip this chip is up to you.

The Lay’s limited edition summer chips are available for a limited time, while supplies last. Each bag has a suggested retail price of $3.79.

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What is your favorite summer snack? Do you snack more often during the summer?