Best ice cream dessert ideas for Mother’s Day

Eat your Flowers bouquets, photo provided by Salt & Straw
Eat your Flowers bouquets, photo provided by Salt & Straw /

While everyone knows that mom doesn’t lift a finger on Mother’s Day, these best ice cream dessert ideas will have her smiling from ear to ear. Sometimes ice cream is just the perfect treat to end a meal. From the lavish brunch to the scrumptious dinner, every great meal deserves a sweet ending.

Even though many people have learned to appreciate the art of baking, the reality is that sometimes it is best to keep the oven off. More importantly, who wants to leave Mother’s Day dessert to chance. From fallen cakes to under baked pie crust, no one wants to disappoint mom with a bad dessert.

Luckily, ice cream can be the perfect solution. Although a simple sundae is always a nice choice, why not push the envelope, think outside of the box and got a little more over the top this Sunday. Does mom dessert the best?

Which best ice cream dessert ideas will be on your Mother’s Day table?

Salt and Straw’s Eat Your Flowers Pack

Since flowers and Mother’s Day are common companions why not pick flowers that won’t wilt this year. Salt and Straw is offering an Eat Your Flowers menu. Available through May 27, the new menu brings floral flavors that are perfect for Spring.

Included on the menu are: Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise, Wildflower Honey with Ricotta Walnut Lace Cookies, Jasmine Milk Tea with Chocolate Almonds, and Mathilde’s Hibiscus and Coconut Sherbet. Each flavor is made with ingredients sourced from local producers and farmers.

While many people happily grab classics like vanilla and chocolate, these flavors highlight the flavor notes of Spring. Each flavor is meant to be contemplated and enjoyed over a lingering moment.

The Eat Your Flowers Pack from Salt and Straw is available at local scoop shops as well as nationwide online delivery.


Can you ever go wrong with a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake? For Mother’s Day, the Floral Bouquet Cake make for a picture perfect dessert on the table. The subtle lavender color with the Happy Mother’s Day message will bring smiles all around.

In addition to being customized with mom’s preferred cake and ice cream flavors, Baskin-Robbins is offering $5 off a purchase of $30 or more. Mom understands that saving money is allowed on Mother’s Day.

And if mom would just prefer a scoop of ice cream for her special day, don’t forget about the May flavor of the month, Mom’s Makin’ Cookies. This ice cream flavor returns after being very well received last year. The cookies and cream indulgence brings together brown sugar ice cream with chocolate chips and cookie pieces. It has all those classic flavors without having to turn on the oven.

Viennetta Ice Cream Cake

From baking disaster to unexpected outcomes, sometimes a simple treat can be the big save. The Viennetta Ice Cream Cake returned to store shelves earlier this year. The classic cake always delivers rave reviews. From the pretty presentation to the classic flavors, this ice cream dessert always saves the day.

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These best ice cream dessert ideas for Mother’s Day are just a few choices. What are you going to serve mom on her special day?