Mother’s Day traditions are flavored with tastes from the past

Mother's Day traditions, photo by Cristine Struble
Mother's Day traditions, photo by Cristine Struble /

Does your favorite have Mother’s Day traditions? Across all types of family dynamics, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the mom or mother figure in people’s lives. Although the celebrations can vary from the simple to the grand, many people have certain items that are always part of the moment. From a favorite food to a special gift, those items keep memories strong long after the last bite disappears.

From that family restaurant that always serves mom’s favorite pasta to that local bakery that makes the perfectly moist cupcake, the reality is that food and celebrations often go hand in hand. When words cannot express a sentiment, food often fills the plate with gratitude. From those hard days to those joyous moments, many moms have been part of every step along the way.

Although celebrations evolve, Mother’s Day traditions can be the way to bring a smile when times seem uncertain, difficult or even the best day ever. While the over the top gift might get a huge amount of attention, the reality is that gifts that have a connection are often the most special.

Granted mom may cherish that hand-print card or the macaroni necklace, but those items are just one glimpse into a long journey. What about the times when kids and parents are older. Is there a tradition that can grow with a family?

Mother’s Day traditions are the sweetest part of a celebration.

Like many families, my Mother’s Day traditions are a touch sentimental and a touch unexpected. While Mother’s Day is meant to be filled with memories, laughter and happiness, the reality is that sometimes those moments can be tinged with a little melancholy. But, when a tradition continues, that day can find that sweetness which everyone craves.

For my family, See’s Candies are a Mother’s Day tradition. Being able to send my mom a box of chocolates that I knew would make her smile was important. Even on those times when we couldn’t share a table, she knew that I was part of her day, that she meant the world to me, and that I wanted to make her feel special.

Although those sentiments are a lot to ask from a box of chocolates, the reality is that any gift, especially a food gift, can mean a lot. It is more than just pushing a button on a phone to place an order. Sure, there is that convenience, but there is something to be said for knowing that that delicious candy’s first bite will come with a surge of memories throughout the years is important.

Today, my children continue the Mother’s Day See’s Candies tradition in my household. The boxes might look a little different and the candy might vary from year to year, but that See’s Candies logo makes the first bite till the last nibble even more sweet because it is a connection to a Mother’s Day tradition.

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What are your Mother’s Day traditions? Do you have a special story to share?