Food bouquets are the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the foodie mom

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Move over brunch boards and charcutiere chalets, food bouquets need to be this year’s Mother’s Day gift. While shares that spending will be increasing by about 20 percent this year, the reality is that creative Mother’s Day gifts are more important than ever. Sure, mom might want a gift card to buy a new purse, but does that idea show that there is some extra thought in that gift?

Food trends ebb and flow. While the grazing trend, like the dessert boards, brunch boards and cheese boards, took over people’s social media feeds, foodies are looking for something new, more creative, with a bigger wow factor. Enter the food bouquets.

If you haven’t seen these ideas for Mother’s Day, the food bouquet is basically transforming food into a bouquet similar to a bunch of flowers. While Edible Arrangements always delivers a food display featuring fruit, this food trend is a little different.

What are food bouquets and how can you make one?

Recently, Real California Milk shared this concept on its social media account. Created by Created by Cheesemonger Jessica Lawrenz, this idea wrapped up a huge selection of cheeses and made them look like a floral arrangement.

While a professional created this display, the truth is that the concept can be adapted by anyone. The key is not only to select cheese that mom loves, but also a cheese that has the right texture to work within a bouquet. A cheese that crumbles or is too soft might not be the best choice.

From there, the bouquet combines cheese with other ingredients. From herbs for greenery to fruits for colors, the rest is a combination of taste food pairings and colorful expression. As long as the cheese chosen is something that mom enjoys, the possibilities are many.

Do the food bouquets have to be elaborate?

If mom might prefer a little smaller food bouquet, consider the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits corsage. Many older generations might remember how mom would get a corsage to wear on Mother’s Day. Why not make her an edible one this year?

food bouquets for Mother's Day
Red Lobster Corsage, photo provided by Red Lobster /

With two Cheddar Bay Biscuits and some ribbon, the concept is easy to create. And, if mom gets hungry waiting for her meal, she has a snack.

If mom prefers a sweeter treat, consider some candy. A quick search of Pinterest shows a wide array of candy bouquets. Just make sure that you pick mom’s favorite candy, not someone else’s. There is nothing worse than giving mom a gift that she doesn’t like.

Also, the concept can be done with small desserts, too. From a few bite-sized brownies on a stick to cookies to even more elaborate ideas, there are many ways to transform favorite foods into food bouquets.

This year, skip the flowers that wilt and weather after a few days. Give mom the bouquet that is full of flavor.

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What is your Mother’s Day tradition? Have you made your Mother’s Day plans yet?