Busch Beer thinks this summer is all about family togetherness

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Summers and family reunions seemed to be an annual tradition and Busch Beer believes that this summer it is time to put those events back on the calendar. This year, Busch is making a big commitment to bringing families together. Are you ready for your Busch Family Reunion?

Even though some people might think otherwise, seeing family can be a fun event. While the old joke is that families often only get together for a handful of “big lifetime events,” the reality is that connecting with relatives can be a good thing. From watching the kids grow to having that difficult conversation with Aunt Edna about how you still don’t have a significant other, families have a unique story and one that should be remembered.

This year, Busch is committing $50,000 to making family reunions possible. While a small stipend isn’t going to each family across the nation, five families will have the opportunity to win $10,000 toward the “ultimate family reunion.”

As seen on socials, many people have shared with the brand “What family tradition they miss most.” Comments on the Twitter feed ran the gamut.

From the simple “I miss Sunday dinner at Nana’s house” to “taking my mom to ballgames,” it goes to show that people’s traditions foster connections. Although not everyone can make a visit to the cabin on the lake or having big bbq celebrations, others can relate to the simple joys of blowing bubbles with kids or watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.

If you want to join the conversation, share your favorite family tradition. Whether someone has a similar story or a very different one, the truth is that connection between family and friends should always be celebrated.

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Do you have a family reunion tradition? When was the last time that you enjoyed a Busch Beer?