Cap’n Crunch Chocolate Caramel Crunch cereal might be your new favorite

New Cap'N Crunch offerings, photo provided by Cap'n Crunch
New Cap'N Crunch offerings, photo provided by Cap'n Crunch /

Get ready to board the SS Guppy to a new cereal flavor because Cap’n Crunch Chocolate Caramel Crunch is heading to store shelves. While the classic cereal flavor that brings a taste of brown sugar and butter to the bowl is an all-time favorite, this newest flavor might give Crunch Berries a fun for its money. Is your spoon ready?

According to the Quaker Oats, the Cap’n Crunch Chocolate Caramel Crunch combines the classic cereal flavor with chocolate caramel pieces. Since the flavor could be a little sweet, it is good that the chocolate caramel isn’t the entire bowl. While sweet can be tasty, it might be a little much for breakfast.

Thinking about this flavor, this cereal could have a lot of ways to enjoy it beyond the bowl. From a topping for a milkshake to even a crunch layer in a cake, the options are many. Just think of a birthday cake with this Cap’n Crunch cereal folded into the icing.

Also, the exciting aspect to this new flavor is that Chocolate Caramel Crunch is a permanent addition to the brand’s line. Now, cereal fans do not have to clear the shelves when the new cereal is spotted. According to Quaker Oats, a box has a suggested retail price of $2.98.

What’s better than Cap’n Crunch Chocolate Caramel Crunch – how about Chocolately Churro Bites?

Cereal snacking has been a big food trend. While cereal is not just for breakfast, people have taken to enjoying these treats any time of day. But, that big cereal box is not always the most convenient choice.

Joining the other cereal snacking flavors is the new Chocolately Churro Bites. The “bite-size churros” bring big crunch in a convenient format. The chocolate flavor is a nice option versus a traditional cinnamon sugar churro. A box of 12 pouches has a suggested retail price of $5.49.

Churros have taken over the food conversation. From special themed versions at amusement parks to elevated versions at restaurants, there is an element of fun to eating churros. Even if mom says that sometimes you shouldn’t play with your food, the reality is that having fun with food is always a good choice.

The two new Cap’n Crunch offerings join the new cereal bars, Cap’n Crunch Mega Berries Snack Pouches and other traditional offerings.

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