Little Caesars and Pepsi have created the Ultimate Hockey Hangout

Little Caesars and Pepsi Hockey Hangout, photo provided by Little Caesars
Little Caesars and Pepsi Hockey Hangout, photo provided by Little Caesars /

From the puck drop to the slapstick buzzer beating goal, the Ultimate Hockey Hangout is the hockey fan’s perfect spot to catch all the action. Luckily, Little Caesars and Pepsi have created that perfect spot for one lucky fan. Ready to give that space the makeover it deserves?

In the past year, many people have come to appreciate that their home needs to bring them joy. While sports fans would never purge that fan memorabilia, the reality is that the shag carpet and dingy wallpaper is not worthy of the most ardent hockey fan. Even though a dive bar might have its niche, the home might need a little more spiffy look.

Little Caesars and Pepsi have partnered with Mike Modano to give some big hockey fans the Ultimate Hockey Hangout. By ordering Little Caesars delivery during the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs, fans can enter to win this hockey fan’s dream.

Although Modano hasn’t taken to the ice in a while, he has learned a thing or two in retirement. Modano said, “If I’ve learned anything from retirement, it’s how to watch a hockey game in style.” The Stanley Cup Champion and NHL Legend, commented “Having played for the Little Caesars AAA hockey team, I’m stoked to be part of this celebration with Little Caesars and Pepsi. I can’t wait to surprise one lucky fan with the hockey hangout of their dreams.”

What is in the Ultimate Hockey Hangout?

Modano had a direct hand in creating this Ultimate Hockey Hangout. Included in the prize package are “home theater system, hockey stall, Little Caesars pizza warmer, Pepsi fridge, autographed team memorabilia (of NHL team of winner’s choice), a $2,000 gift card, and furniture like arena-style lighting or an air hockey table.”

In the past year, many hockey fans have been watching all the action from home. Even though there is nothing better than sitting close to the ice and feeling the power as players bang into the boards, hockey fans have found ways to bring the hockey excitement to their home space.

As Jeff Klein, chief marketing officer for Little Caesars, said, “We know that many devoted NHL fans have been watching their favorite teams from home this season, and that will continue as we head into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

Although hockey fans will have to wait and see which team will raise Lord Stanley’s Cup in triumph at the end of the season, one thing is clear. The Ultimate Hockey Hangout will bring cheers to lucky hockey fans this season.

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