Wisconsin Cheese celebrates 180 years of cheesemaking

Wisconsin Cheese pairings, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese
Wisconsin Cheese pairings, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

A momentous anniversary deserves to be celebrated. For Wisconsin Cheese, it marks 180 years of cheesemaking this year. Although cheesemaking can be traced back to ancient times, the reality is that Wisconsin has long been associated with delicious cheese. Ready to celebrate this event with a slice?

According to National Historic Cheese Making Center, cheese in Wisconsin can be traced back to “foreign immigrants from Germany, Norway, and Switzerland.” As people settled in the area, they brought their love of cheese and traditions with them.

Over the years, Wisconsin Cheese has become a leader in the cheese industry. The collection of artisan cheeses, farmers and brands have created some of the world’s most renowned cheeses. From its Master Cheesemaker program to requiring a license to make cheese, the food that has the “proudly” label is different from the rest.

While people might think of those squeaky cheese curds, a sharp cheddar or a great gouda, the reality is that the cheese from this region is vast and varied. When that cheese history dates back longer than the state itself, the commitment to always producing the best food is clear.

How is Wisconsin Cheese celebrating 180 years?

According to Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and SVP at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, said, “Wisconsin cheesemakers continue to craft award-winning cheese rooted in centuries of history and heritage.” Throughout the month of May, the organization has been offering a variety of events. From virtual offerings to restaurant promotions, there was always a reason to enjoy more cheese.

To cap off this celebratory month, Wisconsin Cheese is hosting “The Great Wisconsin Cheese Giveaway.” Available to enter not through May 25, people can win a variety of prizes. From cheese curds to a Cheese’s Lovers Box, these prizes would make any cheese lover squeak with delight.

And, on May 26, the organization will host The State of Cheese online. During the live event, more prizes will be given away. It will be a must watch for cheese lovers.

Don’t let the month pass without enjoying some delicious cheese. Whether it is taste of an old favorite or pushing the boundaries to a new flavor, everything is better with cheese.

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