Pizza Hut focuses on Once Upon A Time summer memories

Pizza Hut Book It! promo, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Book It! promo, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

What’s better than a $10 Tastemaker Pizza Hut pizza? It is that taste of nostalgia that comes when the BOOK IT! Logo reappears. Some people remember how the summer reading list seemed like an endless chore, but the individual pan pizza from Pizza Hut made reading a top priority. Ready to get open a book again?

Who doesn’t remember summer reading lists? Although the chanting of no more teachers or books filled the last day of school, mom would often turn around with a list of several books that had to be read before school returned in August. Even though summer days were supposed to be about playing with friends, camp and other fun activities, all that school knowledge was not going to suffer from brain drain under mom’s watch. Reading was part of the vacation to-do list.

The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program turned reading from a chore into a reward. Whether it was reading so many books or minutes, that certificate was earned. It was more than just hours of scrolling through a screen. Even if there wasn’t a book report involved, that piece of paper proved that you read those books from cover to cover.

As part of its “Newstalgia” campaign, Pizza Hut is bringing back all those vintage BOOK IT! memories. From t-shirts to pins, it is time to bring back that love of reading to all ages. Putting aside the certificate and an individual pan pizza waiting, rediscovering the love of reading is the perfect way to spend the summer.

With Camp BOOK IT!, Pizza Hut is offering kids ages 4-12 an opportunity to participate in the program from June through August. In addition to tracking reading, the program will offer book suggestions.

Of course, the reward certificate has returned. After meeting the reading goal, “the parent will receive a certificate by email that includes a serialized code for a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut.”

Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut, shared, “The BOOK IT! Program was such an integral part of the heyday of Pizza Hut and the childhoods of those we’re reaching with our Newstalgia campaign. It’s amazing to now be able to make reading fun for the next generation with great pizza, great books and engaging activities to fill their summer break, especially as uncertainties remain in the coming months.”

How does the Pizza Hut Once Upon A Time narrative create a Tastemaker craving?

As seen in the new commercial featuring Craig Robinson, that $10 Tastemaker is the storyline behind an epic fairytale. With over 680 different topping combinations, this pizza might be more like choose your own flavor adventure versus a fairy tale.

The Newstalgia campaign has resonated with many pizza fans because people are craving that sense of familiarity, comfort and classics. While food trends can always build excitement, the reality is that some of the best bites bring back a memory, elicit a smile and make people feel good. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures are the ones that people want to experience time and again.

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What is your favorite Pizza Hut memory? Are you ready to join the kids on a BOOK IT! Reading challenge this summer?