SKYY Vodka evolves its flavor to embrace its heritage

SKYY Vodka revitalizes its vodka, photo provided by SKYY Vodka
SKYY Vodka revitalizes its vodka, photo provided by SKYY Vodka /

The iconic blue bottle on the shelf has always stood out and SKYY Vodka continues to make its mark on the vodka market with its newest evolution. Although the brand began as a quest to make the perfect martini, beverage trends have steered away from that classic cocktail. Now, the vodka soda fills the glass and the flavors for that drink can benefit from more nuance.

Sometimes a particular food or beverage can paint a picture with just a single sip. Even before the liquid touches the lips, there is a longing for that moment, that familiar, that concept to bring the memory back from the crevices of the mind and open that experience again.

For anyone who has been or lived in San Francisco, the city is more than a Tony Bennett lyric about a place where he left his heart. From the salt air that hits Fisherman’s Wharf to the majestic views from the Golden Gate Bridge, the reality is that the City by the Bay is unlike any other.

Even though the locale is a foodie mecca, there are certain flavors that have long been associated with it. From that sourdough bread to a comforting bowl of cioppino, certain flavors influence the food on the plate. And now, SKYY Vodka brings that idea to its vodka.

How has the SKYY Vodka flavor changed?

Many people are drawn to vodka because the flavor is subtle. Unlike a gin with its botanicals or a whiskey with its aged oak notes, vodka is can described with terms like “clean.” Often focusing on the items that are “filtered out,” the crispness of the vodka doesn’t have to be the only story.

For this brand refreshment, minerals were the focus of the conversation. Just like the minerality that is found in the Pacific waters around the Bay Area, minerals can and do add a distinction to this vodka. Again, it might be time to focus on what is in the glass versus what has been taken out.

According to Andrea Sengara, vice president of marketing of Campari America, the brand refreshment is “Inspired by the pure, clean and refreshing essence of the Pacific.” From the re-imagined bottle design to the flavor of the vodka itself, the inspiration is clear.

Thinking of the minerality aspect of this formulation, the flavor is apparent but still subtle. Given the various experts involved in this launch, including a water sommelier, it is clear that this change came with great care. The minerality qualities are as much about the enhanced flavor as well as the mouth feel.

While vodka drinkers may want to try this vodka in their signature drink, the reality is that a simple vodka soda allows the crisp, fresh taste to shine. SKYY Vodka’s preferred version uses a grapefruit twist. That slight tartness with the salinity is the perfect refreshment.

Lastly, when making a vodka soda be aware of the soda choice. The effervesce does make a difference in cocktail enjoyment. Just like bubbles impact a sparkling wine, the same can be said for mixers.

Whether or not you have taken a trip up Nob Hill or enjoyed a day exploring the city on a historic Trolley Car, SKYY Vodka wants to bring a part of its San Francisco heritage to its vodka. From the vibrant color to the nuanced flavor, it might be time to rediscover this American made spirit.

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What is your signature drink? Does it hold a memory in the glass?