Elevate the flavor of your favorite cocktail with Q Mixers

Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers
Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers /

Your favorite cocktail can instantly become spectacular with Q Mixers.

Just like the perfect recipe is the sum of its ingredients, your favorite cocktail deserves the best mixers. With Q Mixers, the flavor of a classic cocktail, festive libation or just a simple sipper is elevated. Isn’t it time that you popped open a bottle?

When crafting the perfect cocktail, many people think about the spirit. From the nuanced flavors of a gin to the richness of a bourbon, there is a reason why one person prefers a particular spirit brand over a well liquor. Given the amount of consideration given to the liquor, shouldn’t the mixer be equally as spectacular?

Q Mixers puts the focus on clean ingredients, less sugar and a sophisticated taste. Whether used in just a gin and tonic or a festive mule, that clean, crisp flavor just makes the cocktail even more enjoyable.

The mixer brand started with a simple question, why isn’t my tonic as good as my gin? While that question might seem straightforward, it wasn’t being answered by other brands. As master mixologists and cocktail lovers discovered, a great mixer instantly makes the flavor of any cocktail better.

While many people focus on the less sugar and clean ingredients in Q Mixers, the carbonation makes this mixer special. The small bubbles not only provide the effervescence to a drink, but they can help combine all the ingredients. Yes, those bubbles can make all the flavors come together.

With a wide variety in its mixer line (11 flavors), a little taste test should make any cocktail drinker a convert. Whether it is swapping a tonic in a gin and tonic or mixing up a paloma with the grapefruit, it is time to get behind the bar and enjoy a drink.

Although Q Mixers has many amazing cocktail recipes on its website, a new cocktail for the holidays could become your signature cocktail for any festive gathering. Created by the talented Tony Abou-Ganim, Tony’s Festive Mule brings the merriment to the season.

Q Mixers Tony's Festive Mule
Q Mixers Tony’s Festive Mule, photo provided by Q Mixers /

Here’s how to many Tony’s Festive Mule with Q Mixers.


  • 1 ½ oz Tito’s Vodka
  • ½ oz Fresh lime juice
  • ½ oz Spiced Cranberry Orange Syrup
  • 4 oz Q Ginger Beer
  • Sprig of Mint Dusted with Powdered sugar


  • In a shaker, add vodka, lime juice and syrup.
  • Shake with ice and strain into an ice-filled highball glass
  • Top with chilled Q Ginger Beer
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint dusted with powdered sugar

A couple of tips for making this cocktail. First, a chilled Q Ginger Beer is important. Not only for the flavor but also for the carbonation, Ginger Beer needs to be cold.

Second, the Spiced Cranberry Syrup is fairly easy to make. It is basically, sugar, cranberry juice, orange peel, cinnamon stick and cloves. If you can make a simple syrup, you can create your own syrup.

Lastly, this cocktail is meant to be enjoyed in a highball glass. While many Moscow Mules are served in a copper mug, the highball glass allows for better cocktail enjoyment.

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Doesn’t your favorite cocktail deserve the best ingredients? Pop open some Q Mixers and taste the difference.