Creative rose wine pairings that transform the vibrant wine

Cavit Rose Wine, photo provided by Cavit Wines
Cavit Rose Wine, photo provided by Cavit Wines /

As the blushing pink hue sparkles on the table, these creative rose wine pairings transform the rose all day vibe into a food nirvana. While many wine drinkers appreciate the versatility that rose wine offers, the reality is that this type of wine is often more approachable. Instead of the bold tannins of a Cabernet Sauvignon or the crisp, acidic notes from a pinot grigio, the rose invites a wine drinker to sip, linger and enjoy the moment.

Recently, Cavit Wines shared a few ideas about creative pairings for its rose wine. From a grilled seafood dish to a sushi, the food pairings are many. Even Friday night pizza has a little more panache with a glass of rose.

While many people happily pack a bottle in a cooler for a summer dinner or gathering, that bottle can be more than just another pour in the wine glass. Is it time to think outside of the bottle?

Rose wine lends itself to wine cocktails. From a simple spritz to a frose, the cocktail options are many. One idea to enhance the flavor is to freeze a piece of fruit in the ice cube. And, even add a touch of the rose into the ice cube for enhanced flavor. And, always remember a touch of lemon in a rose cocktail. The little bit of brightness heightens the sip.

Beyond the glass, rose can enhance a variety of recipes. Since wine and pasta are always good companions, why not use the rose in a pasta sauce. The slight fruity flavors can bring a touch of lightness to a hearty pasta dish.

For a sweeter turn, consider making a dessert sauce with the rose wine. A simple sauce of strawberries, sugar and rose is divine. Whether the sauce is served over a vanilla ice cream, combined with a strawberry shortcake or even with waffles at brunch, the options are many.

Next time the rose bottle is purchased, it might be a good idea to buy two, one to drink and one to use in the kitchen. There is always a reason to celebrate the rose all day vibe around food.

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What are your favorite rose wine pairings? Do you drink this wine more often during the summer?