Best 2021 wine trends that will keep your wine glass full

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Whether it is National Drink Wine Day or drink wine any day, the 2021 wine trends will have many wine drinkers pouring themselves another glass. Although some people have their favorite wine, varietal or even vineyard, many wine drinkers are willing to explore new wine options.

In recent years, wine trends have gone in different directions. While canned wine made drinking wine more convenient, it was only one aspect of making wine approachable. Instead of the stuffy methodology of the perfect wine experience, wine is about enjoying the moment as much as the flavor.

Still, the 2021 wine trends tend to get wine drinkers excited. Whether it is an untapped wine region or new wine varietal, these food and wine trends entice drinkers to open another bottle and fill their glass.

What are some of the best 2021 wine trends?

Wine Seltzer

Just like hard seltzer has taken over the beverage aisle, wine seltzer is another big food trend. Wine seltzer often offers a lighter, fruity flavor. Whether you call it a seltzer, a spritz or something else, these wine offerings are not your grandma’s wine spritz.

From the new Babe 100 to the fruity MOVO, there are plenty of choices. Although a traditional food and wine pairing scenario isn’t the focus on the conversation, the wine seltzer is meant to be an easy drink.

Plus, it is usually just a can. So, just like that one beer, you don’t feel wasteful.

Prosecco Rose

While many people enjoy bubbles, the prosecco rose has many people tickled pink. While prosecco has become a favorite sparkling wine, the rose aspect is exciting. The slightly more sweet, fruity option makes opening a bottle seem like a special celebration.

Many wine companies have joined the prosecco rose category. For example, the Cupcake Prosecco Rose celebrates rosier days ahead. Whether enjoyed on its own or used in a cocktail, it is definitely worth opening a bottle.

Virtual Wine Tastings

While many people long to visit their favorite winery or wine bar, that option has been off the table. Virtual wine tastings and even virtual wine influenced cooking classes have become a favorite with wine drinkers.

With a strong wine host, the interactive elements make the event quite enjoyable. Whether it is a wine brand or a local wine shop, enjoying bottles at home with some spirited conversation is a great way to spend the evening. And, you don’t have to worry about a driving anywhere afterwards.


Similar to the food world, sustainable options are part of the conversation. From the vineyard who focuses on sustainable practices to thoughtfulness on the whole wine making process, sustainability and wine can be the perfect pairing.

While the organic label might be a different conversation, consumers are always looking for brands that align with their principles. Now, that pretty label might have a sustainable story in the flavor description.


Sometimes wine regions come into vogue. While people appreciate Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and others prefer an Australian Sauvignon Blanc, Portugal might be the surprising component of the 2021 wine trends.

While many people might think of a tawny port from Portugal, it isn’t the only varietal. The red wines of the region deserve a moment to savor. And, the price point per bottle makes it easy to buy a few for the wine fridge.

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What do you think are the best 2021 wine trends? What is your favorite wine right now?