Jojo Siwa gets her own cereal and more General Mills cereal news

New General Mills cereals, photo provided by General Mills
New General Mills cereals, photo provided by General Mills /

The cereal bowl is overflowing with General Mills cereal news. From Jojo Siwa getting her own cereal to Cinnamon Toast Crunch being transformed into an oatmeal, it seems that summer and cereal are the perfect pair.

As seen over the years, cereal has become a way to blend pop culture and food. Certain cereal characters have become part of the food landscape. In addition, special events lend themselves to cross over promotions. Often the table is the place where characters come off the screen and into people’s daily routines.

Packed into a long list of General Mills cereal news, there are both limited edition offerings and permanent cereal flavors that are joining the shelf. In the first part of the year, the General Mills has brought many new offerings to the shelf and these six new options will have even more people excited. It might be best to buy a second gallon of milk.

General Mills cereal news includes a Jojo Siwa cereal.

Considered one of the most influential people in the world, Jojo Siwa is bringing her iconic big bow and big personality to the cereal space. Although eating a bowl of her Jojo Siwa Strawberry Bop cereal might not improve anyone’s dance moves, a spoonful will bring a smile to the day.

The Jojo Siwa Strawberry Bop cereal includes “strawberry flavored cereal puffs and JoJo-themed marshmallows including yellow and white stars, pink bows, and blue hearts.” For people who love strawberry flavors, this cereal will be on their must try check list, even if they don’t watch Siwa’s YouTube channel.

In some ways, this cereal sounds like a strawberry version of another popular General Mills cereal with marshmallows. As a permanent addition to the brand’s line-up, it is worth trying at least once. Available starting in June, the cereal will be available in both a family size and a mid-size box.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Cereal

Continuing the pop culture theme, the new version of Space Jam is getting immortalized into a cereal. LeBron James and Bug Bunny headline this limited-edition cereal.

The flavor is described as “berry flavored cereal with bunny and basketball marshmallows.” This cereal flavor combination seems to be a trend with the new cereal offerings. Fruit cereal with marshmallows appears to be what people are craving. No word on whether Toons or Goons have a preference on the bunny or basketball marshmallows.

The limited-edition Space Jam: A New Legacy Cereal will be available as of May 31 for a limited time. It is available in both a family size and a mid-size box.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Clusters

If you cannot get enough of that Lucky Charms marshmallow flavor, this cereal is a must try. It is described as “corn and rice crispy clusters that are sweetened with marshmallow flavoring.” It will be interesting to see if cereal fans switch back and forth from traditional Lucky Charms and this new version or prefer one cereal over another.

This new Lucky Charms cereal joins the General Mills permanent line-up and will be available mid-May. It will be available in both a family size and mid-size offering.

Team Cheerios Frosted Berry

Cheerios periodically adds a new flavor offering and this version is the return of a fan favorite. Combining Frosted, Strawberry, and Blueberry Cheerios, the flavor is a little sweet, but sometimes that sweetness is pure gold.

And, this cereal, with its red, white and blue colors, is perfect for cheering on Team USA. Although there might not be a gold medal for cereal eating, a bowl could give anyone the energy to power through their day.

The limited time Cheerios flavor will be available starting on May 17.

Big G Instant Oatmeal transformed with General Mills Cereal flavors.

Have you ever had a cereal flavor craving, but didn’t want that crunch or extra milk? With these Big G Instant Oatmeal flavors, four iconic General Mills cereals are transformed into oatmeal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms and Trix are now available as oatmeal.

It will be interesting to see how these flavors translate to oatmeal. While Cinnamon Toast Crunch seems like an obvious choice, the Trix flavor might be a different approach. Will kids want a “trick” at the breakfast table?

The Big G Instant Oatmeal will be exclusively available at Walmart stores starting in June. Additional store expansion will happen at a later date.

Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granolas

Granola is often a snack staple. From enjoying it on its own or combining it into a parfait, granola is a popular choice for many people.

This new granola transforms the Nature Valley Sweet & Salty flavor into a granola form. Packed with 12 g of protein, the flavor is satisfying.

Part of the permanent line-up, the two new flavors of Dark Chocolate Pretzel Peanut and Salted Caramel Cashew Nature Valley Granolas will be available in June.

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Which General Mills cereal news made you hungry? Is your shopping cart going to be full of cereal?