Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces ignite a flavor fire on the grill

Tabasco BBQ Sauces, photo provided by Tabasco
Tabasco BBQ Sauces, photo provided by Tabasco /

The phrase is overused, but if you can’t take the heat, step away from the grill. Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces are bringing big, bold flavors to summer barbecue season. While many home cooks have used the traditional Tabasco Hot Sauce as a flavor enhancer for their own recipe, the brand has simplified the process. Ready to grab a bottle?

As seen with recent food trends, consumers’ spice preferences have become bolder. It isn’t that people have become more tolerant of higher spice levels, but people are not afraid of the heat. Even though the Scoville scale has never changed, people are more willing to embrace the higher end of the scale.

Although the heat is welcome, no one wants to scorch their palate. A warm, slow smolder is invited but that extreme torching will leave people running for a glass of milk. Finding the right balance is key to the flavor experience.

What can people expect from the Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces?

Available in four flavors, the Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces are bold without being too overpowering. While definitely not a sweet sauce, the flavors are approachable. For the most part, the spice level is closer to the 2-3 on a 5 level scale.

The four flavors are Tabasco Brand Original BBQ Sauce, Tabasco Brand Honey BBQ Sauce, Tabasco Brand Jalapeno Mesquite BBQ Sauce and Tabasco Brand Habanero Jerk BBQ Sauce.

While the Original BBQ Sauce is tasty, the Honey BBQ sauce is perfect for grilled chicken. The slight smoky notes from the chipotle pairs well with a chicken. Consider using this sauce on some grilled chicken thighs.

For a more adventurous choice, the Habanero Jerk BBQ Sauce is a must try. With so many seasonings and spices, it is like a mystery that is waiting to unravel. The hint of fruit tempers the heat. This sauce is delicious with pork.

Lastly, the Jalapeno Mesquite sauce might be the perfect hamburger condiment. The touch of zesty, bright notes from the Green Jalapeno Sauce makes this flavor able to stand up to a big, juicy burger. And, if you want to dip your fries into this sauce, that is a good idea, too.

The Tabasco Brand BBQ Sauces are available at Walmart. They have a suggested retail price of $3.89.

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What is your favorite summer BBQ condiment? Do you make your own BBQ sauce or do you have a preferred brand?