Grilling the most delicious burger is all about controlling the variables

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While many cooks hope to master the most delicious burger, the reality is that perfect, juicy bite starts long before the grill is even lit. Even though the seasoning impacts the burger’s flavor, choosing the right burger is the first step to that ultimate burger experience. Do you know which burger type is right for your flavor preference?

Everyone has a favorite type of burger. From thick to thin or pink in the center to well-done, the grill and seasoning is only part of the cooking techniques that make a burger go from good to great.

While some people try to save a burger by putting on more and more toppings, sometimes those extra condiments are just hiding a big mistake that could have been avoided. Isn’t it better to let that burger shine not try to cover up a mistake?

What’s the first step to making the most delicious burger?

According to Omaha Steak’s resident chef expert David Rose, choosing the right burger for your burger preference is the first step to grilling the most delicious burger. If the burger type doesn’t match the cooking style, the burger will not be as flavorful as it could be.

Rose shared that people need to think about how they prefer their burgers cooked as they select the type of burger. For example, choosing a really lean burger combination may not be the best choice if a person prefers a well-done burger.

Specifically, Rose recommends that an Omaha Steaks Del Monico burger for people who like well-done burgers. Since the burger has some fat from the ribeye, the burger can retain its juiciness. When cooking on a higher temperature or preferring to eliminate that pinkness, it is important to have the fat so that the does not get too dry. Wanting a sauce is one thing, having to have a sauce on a burger is a different story.

For people who a medium or a medium rare burger, Rose recommends a filet mignon burger. Even though the cut is leaner, it retains its juiciness because it isn’t being cooked as long.

Overall, Rose reminds cooks that the fat percentage in a burger does matter. That number of 80/20 or 70/30 serves as a guide. While the phrase of fat is flavor might not be the most popular comment for some people, that concept is important when grilling and cooking.

Omaha Steaks has a variety of burgers and burger blends that will satisfy any food preference. From the classic Steak Burgers to the New York Strip Burger to pork and beef blends, there is an option for everyone. With the convenience having the best burgers delivered to the door, there is always a reason to light up the grill and enjoy a great meal.

And, if you need a recipe or two, the Omaha Steaks Blog and Chef David Rose have curated several delicious burger ideas. From the novice griller to the expert cook, there is a dish for everyone.

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What is your favorite, most delicious burger recipe? Do you have some cooking tips for grilling season?