Chewy SweeTARTS get a vibrant update to its delightfully tasty candy

Chewy SweeTARTS get a vibrant flavor twist, photo provided y SweeTARTS
Chewy SweeTARTS get a vibrant flavor twist, photo provided y SweeTARTS /

Do you crave that sweet yet tart candy? Chewy SweeTARTS are getting an update. Are you ready to dig into three new multi-sensory experiences?

Candy trends tend to ebb and flow just like other food trends. It isn’t that people forget about their favorite candy or treat. Instead, these tweaks are a reason for candy lovers to rediscover that flavor that sparks a memory, brings a smile or otherwise makes people happy.

With Chewy SweeTARTS, the brand has found a way to re-introduce three of its candies in a fun and engaging way. Instead of stepping away from what makes the brand iconic, it is showcasing how its unique characteristics can be celebrated in a whole new way.

Building on the vibrant and bold nature of these candies, the update continues that story line. Ashley Incarnato, Marketing Director for the SweeTARTS brand at Ferrara said “Our chewy candies are fan-favorites, embracing the duality of our product that is BOTH sweet and tart. When we saw an opportunity to bring an even bolder, fruitier candy to the market, we jumped at the chance to be classic AND fresh with this Chewy SweeTARTS relaunch.”

Which Chewy SweeTARTS are getting an update?

The three candies that are part of this re-introduction are SweeTARTS Mini Chewy, SweeTARTS Chewy Extreme Sours, and SweeTARTS Giant Chewy. Without changing what candy fans love about the offerings, these updates are a reason to grab another bag.

With the Mini Chewy, the smaller bites are now equal parts sweeter and tangier. It is like the flavors got a big boost yet kept its smaller size.

The Chewy Extreme Sours bring a bigger pucker to the treat. While the bold pucker is the first flavor experience, the sweet notes offer the satisfying finish. Finding the right balance between bold and enticing, these candies are a must eat.

Lastly, the Giant Chewy supersize the classic dual flavor. Sometimes, bigger is better.

To kick off the revitalized colors and flavors, SweeTARTS is looking for an honorary CEO to represent the brand. While that title comes with some tasty perks, the right candidate needs to impress on social media. Check out TikTok and #CEOofChewySweeTARTS for more information.

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What do you think of the revitalized Chewy SweeTARTS? Are you excited to grab a bag?