SweeTARTS adds a colorful punch to snack time

SweeTARTS Twisted Rainbow Punch Soft & Chewy Ropes, photo provided by SweeTarts
SweeTARTS Twisted Rainbow Punch Soft & Chewy Ropes, photo provided by SweeTarts /

SweeTARTS is ready to embrace the colorful life.

In a world that celebrates individuals, SweeTARTS knows that the colorful world can be both sweet and tart. Without blending into a single color, the classic candy uses its new offerings to bring a touch of vibrancy to the candy dish. Are you ready to unleash a whole new colorful world?

Did you know that October 23 is National Color Day? While it seems that every day is some sort of holiday, this day is a reason to take a moment to see the rainbow of colors all around.

Since a monochromatic world is boring, SweeTARTS Candy has brought some bold colors to match its bold flavored candies. The SweeTARTS Twisted Rainbow Punch Soft & Chewy Ropes and SweeTARTS Mixed Berry Ropes Bites are those colorful confections that make snack time just a little more fun.

While everyone has a preferred way to snack, the Mixed Berry Ropes Bites add a little “choose your own adventure” to eating. Whether you choose one, two or a handful, these bite sized candies are tasty.

SweeTARTS Mixed Berry Ropes Bites
SweeTARTS Mixed Berry Ropes Bites, photo provided by SweeTarts /

Even though the size is perfect for popping, the three berry flavors come through with a punch of flavor. With a tart filling, that classic combination could have you finishing a bag before you know it.

For a classic take, the Twisted Rainbow Punch Soft & Chewy Ropes have a fruit punch flavor mix. While not exactly like the tropical punch from the limited edition Wonder Woman Golden Ropes offering, this flavor has a classic fruit punch flavor.

Looking at the candy, the colorful side is clear. While you might want to try to figure out which color brings a different flavor, it is just more fun to eat it.

Although SweeTARTS candy makes a great treat anytime, these candies could add some vibrant colors to semi-homemade treats. From a little decoration on a cupcake to a fun candy board, sometimes playing with your food is acceptable.

Whether you are celebrating National Color Day or just want to add fun to your day, grab a bag of SweeTARTS. Life was never meant to be lived in black and white.

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