McDonald’s BTS collaboration jumps off the tray and into the closet

McDonald's BTS collaboration, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's BTS collaboration, photo provided by McDonald's /

Have you ordered the McDonald’s BTS collaboration meal yet? As the most recent celebrity meal offering, this global popularity of the K-Pop band has even more people placing orders for this tasty food combination. More importantly, did you snag a piece of the BTS x McDonald’s merch line?

Made available on Weverse Shop app, the McDonald’s BTS collaboration line featured a variety of options. From socks and sandals to purple bathrobes and Sweet Chili and Cajun sauce tote bags, the variety of options clearly represented both the band and their meal.

Looking at this merchandise line, it seems to be a good representation of both the meal and the band. Similar to previous McDonald’s celebrity meal merchandise, there is a little cheeky with the fashion. Sometimes it is good to not be too serious. Shouldn’t food and food fashion be fun?

Thinking about this offering, it continues the pop culture food fashion conversation. As seen recently, more and more brands are taking food off the plate and putting it on people’s sleeves, heads and feet. People are more than willing to show everyone where their food passion lies.

The reality is that brands need to think beyond the table. Making that connection fosters loyalty. From a favorite food to satisfying a craving, it is more grabbing another bite. That order is made with a conscious choice.

With this McDonald’s BTS Collaboration, the hope is to bring customers in for the celebrity meal and keep them coming back time and again. Even if that limited time offer disappears after a short period of time, those food items are still available to order. Maybe that a portion of that order becomes a favorite order for years to come.

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For now, don’t miss the opportunity to get a taste of the McDonald’s BTS collaboration. Just don’t spill on that special shirt.