Juicy National Burger Day Deals that will leave you satisfied

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No need to fire up the grill because these restaurants have some juicy National Burger Day deals. Whether you place a to-go order or sit down at a table, burgers are the food of choice on May 28. Which National Burger Day deals have you salivating?

Earlier this week, Pepsi shared that burgers are better with Pepsi. Science says that the flavor combination of citrus forward Pepsi with a burger makes it taste better. It is time to put the findings to the test.

Anyone who shares a photo of a burger with a Pepsi can get a reimbursement for that purchase. More details and how to enter can be found online by searching #BetterWithPepsi.


Del Taco is offering a buy one, get one offer via the brand’s app. While you do not have to order two burgers, you can share with a friend.

At Burger King, the Impossible Whopper is on the Buy One Get One for a $1 menu. If you prefer to grill at home, Impossible offers its Grillworthy Guarantee, which offers money back if you don’t love their burgers.

Red Robin is offering its loyalty members a tasty treat. On May 28 and the rest of the month, members will receive buy one get one 50% off on its gourmet burgers. From the classic Royal Red Robin Burger to the gigantic Bacon Jammin’ Burger, it can be hard to pick a favorite.

Smashburger is offering its Double Classic Burger for $5 on May 28. The National Burger Day deal is a big bite. The two Angus Beef patties are topped with Smashburger’s specialty Smash Sauce and all the other condiments. This deal will not leave you hungry.

Wendy’s is offering a free Dave’s Single or Junior Bacon Cheeseburger via the Wendy’s mobile app. The free burger offer is available with additional purchase. Also, the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger is just $1 with a purchase of another Premium Hamburger. This deal cannot be missed. More importantly, it will remind you why those square burgers stand out in the crowd.

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Which National Burger Day deals are tempting you? Have you made your lunch or dinner plans yet?