Wendy’s burgers are square for this one simple yet important reason

Wendy's Dave's Triple, photo provided by Wendy's
Wendy's Dave's Triple, photo provided by Wendy's /

When Wendy’s started making burgers back in 1969, the restaurant brand knew that it had to stand out. Although those Wendy’s burgers are square, that shape sets itself apart on the plate of sameness. Continuing its goal to provide a high-quality sandwich in a world of mediocrity continues to this day. It is one of the reasons why the Made to Crave concept is woven into everything Wendy’s serves.

During a recent lunch with Chef John Li, the conversation served a feast of insight on the whys and hows Wendy’s burgers continue the path that Dave started all those years ago. From the newer pub influenced burgers to that classic Jr bacon cheeseburger, the truth is one guiding principle has, and will, be part of this quick service restaurant. It is about that square burger.

Although that silly phrase about “hip to be square,” might sound corny, the reality is that a square burger has a specific purpose. Granted, everyone knows the Wendy’s concept of fresh, never frozen beef and its willingness to think outside of the box. Still, that square burger stands out on that bun and it is proud to make that statement.

Why are Wendy’s burgers square?

As Li shared during the call, the Wendy’s burgers are square for one simple reason. Wendy’s doesn’t cut corners. Although it might take a second to process that analogy, that concept is staring at each and every guest every time that they order their favorite burger.


It is an expectation that the burger in the wrapper will be made to crave, will be what people remember and will be the best experience it can offer. While the special applewood smoked bacon might be the best in the business and the newer menu items entice for another visit, the reality is that Wendy’s burgers and their square shape do not want to fit neatly into just any bun. They want the guest to take notice, appreciate the difference and come back time and again.

Li continued to explain that Wendy’s burgers and its character is to never be afraid to take on the difficult challenge. The easy path comes with compromise and that is something that the brand prefers to leave off the menu. That dedication to craftsmanship and willingness to do more is one of the reasons why Wendy’s guests return time and again.

From that first glimpse of the juicy, square corners that invite that first bite till the last nibble that leaves you wanting more, the reality is that Wendy’s burgers will never cut corners and that square burger is a taste that every guest has come to count on.

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What is your favorite Wendy’s menu item? Do you always choose the same food or do you prefer to try a new food menu option?