Aaron Sanchez believes all successful MasterChef contestants have this skill, exclusive

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As MasterChef Legends looks to discover another talented home cook, Aaron Sanchez shares his insight on the popular FOX food television show, its success and what makes some contestants worthy of the title. While the auditions can show a glimpse of culinary talent, MasterChef looks to hone those skills, encourage experimentation and foster a love of food and cooking.

While MasterChef Legends brings many culinary icons, like Emeril Lagasse, to the judging panel, Aaron Sanchez has always been the stern but approachable culinary mind at the table. Drawing from his illustrious culinary career, Sanchez knows what it takes to journey from cook to chef.

Recently, Aaron Sanchez gracious spoke to FoodSided about the upcoming MasterChef Legends season. As each season seems to showcase greater culinary talent, it seems that gloves are off for this season.

Sanchez commented, “It’s always amazing to see what wealth of knowledge they come in with, but I have to say I think the ability to pick things up and integrate techniques has really improved. These home cooks are able to really be mentored and walk away with so much even if they don’t make it to the end.”

Aaron Sanchez thinks this one characteristic makes a successful MasterChef.

Over 11 seasons, MasterChef has evolved, and the talent gets even better. Still, Sanchez believes that one key characteristic is important.

For Sanchez, he believes “being a good student is really the most important thing, if you can really soak up all that you’re learning and put it into each dish you are going to go far. Grit and talent play a part too of course, but I think the most eager, humble and earnest make it the furthest.”

Looking back at the various seasons, recent winners have had all these qualities. After the nerves fade and the cooks focus on the task at hand, the opportunity is presented on a silver platter.

In many ways, MasterChef is like the ultimate culinary bootcamp. Many foodies would pay a fortune for this cooking opportunity.

While these home cooks might be finding their way, it isn’t about charging blindly ahead without a plan. Sanchez shared that he believes that “creativity is always praised but the execution and cohesion is sometimes where folks fall flat. If you’re going to do something really out of the box it has to be amazing.”

Whether the home cooks stick to the food and flavors that know well or try to push the envelope, success can only be measured by the food on the plate. In the end, the best bite of food will earn the title of MasterChef.

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MasterChef Legends airs on FOX Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

Aaron Sanchez is an award winning chef, has authored several cookbooks and is the owner of Johnny Sanchez in New Orleans.

Who is your favorite MasterChef winner? Which chef legend are you most excited to see this season?