Carvel honors dads with a modern take on an iconic celebration

Carvel Ice Cream’s Fudgie the Whale celebrates Father's Day, photo provided by Carvel
Carvel Ice Cream’s Fudgie the Whale celebrates Father's Day, photo provided by Carvel /

For many people Carvel is part of any celebration. With Father’s Day around the corner, many people will be looking for a way to tell dad that he is special. It is time to ditch those tired gifts that seem to damper the day. Make this year’s celebration a huge splash and put the Fudgie the Whale in the middle of the fun.

While Father’s Day traditions can vary, many people have used that classic Carvel Fudgie the Whale cake as the centerpiece of the celebratory occasion. Beyond those tasty crunchies and the luscious ice cream, the image of that iconic whale can’t help but make people smile.

Nicolle DuBose, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Carvel, said “By reviving some Carvel and Fudgie favorites this Father’s Day, we’re honoring all the moments cherished with dads throughout the years and the new memories yet to be made.”

This year, Carvel is giving that food icon a modern twist. Check out this Father’s Day video. It might not make you shed a tear, but it will make you hungry for a slice.

Even though this frozen treat serves up a bite of sweetness, some people might want a laugh or two for Father’s Day. As seen in the commercial, the Father’s Day hotline is a way to celebrate some classic dad moments, like few “Tom Carvel dad jokes” that are shared. Sure, they jokes might get a groan or two, but sometimes dad deserves that moment in the sun.

Carvel has the perfect beverage to pair with the Fudgie the Whale cake for Father’s Day.

While everyone appreciates that Father’s Day is dad’s day off, that celebration should come with a glass of iced-cold refreshment. Luckily, Fudgie the Beer is back.

The popular collaboration with Captain Lawrence Brewing has returned for a limited time. Building on the flavors from the signature Carvel chocolate Crunchies, the dark beer blends fudgy and creamy to make a beverage that deserves to be enjoyed by the king of the household. With a 6% ABV, the beer might not be sessionable, but it is a great pairing to that signature dessert.

Fudgie the Beer is available for a limited time, while supplies last. It can be found at locations that sell Captain Lawrence beers, most locations are on the East Coast. More information can be found at or by calling the 1-833-FUDGIE1 hotline.

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How are you celebrating Father’s Day? Do you blend traditional and modern or does dad do things his way?