Miley Cyrus reveals that this is the one pleasure that she can’t live without

Miley Cyrus Magnum Ice Cream collaboration, photo provided by Magnum Ice Cream
Miley Cyrus Magnum Ice Cream collaboration, photo provided by Magnum Ice Cream /

Miley Cyrus has never shied away from self-expression and in a recent conversation with Magnum Ice Cream, ahead of her free, virtual, worldwide concert experience, called Miley in Layers, the pop culture icon peeled back the many layers of her life. From her pleasure that she cannot live without to her appreciation of self-expression, Cyrus reveals the many facets of her personality.

Some may say that Miley Cyrus is an enigma. While many people have watched her grow up, she has never been afraid to evolve herself. Although that iconic television character might be a distant memory, each layer has formed who she is and who she will become.

Through her partnership with Magnum Ice Cream, Cyrus spoke candidly about the “Pleasure Has More Than One Layer” idea. Without taking an unexpected turn, her explanations and rationale are words to ponder. And, it might take a second pint of ice cream to unravel the depth of meaning to her thoughts.

Why did Miley Cyrus partner with Magnum Ice Cream?

Although Cyrus has made some strong choices through her career, this collaboration stems from a concept that she holds dear. Specifically she said, “Magnum was super attractive to me because I love any time that there is a brand that is encouraging authenticity and that aligns with my own brand, which is supporting people to be who they really are.”

In this current climate, being true to who you are and what you believe in can be a struggle. Cyrus appreciates that this partnership is a true collaboration, where they both “bring something to the table.”

For her, it is important to focus on “showcasing layers.” While “being yourself can change daily,” Cyrus believes that “there are a lot of layers to each of us.” Whether people call it “complex” or a “mosaic piece,” the reality is that everyone is multi-faceted.

Even if people are not quite ready to peel back every layer, staying true to yourself is important. From being compassionate to having “understanding knowledge,” each component comes together to form that complete picture. If there weren’t layers, the uniqueness could not be celebrated.

Although Cyrus can sometimes be more willing to embrace her various layers, not everyone is ready to be quite as bold. Still, the journey is part of the story. Each step can welcome a new experience to build upon.

What pleasure does Miley Cyrus crave?

While pleasure might have various connotations, Cyrus speaks her truth. She said, “Pleasures that I can’t live without besides just making my music, is self-expression. Whether that’s what I choose to wear every day, who I choose to surround myself with, being able to express myself and externalize everything that internally is going on in me is really important. It’s my entire purpose in existence is to be able to be expressive.”

Being able to express yourself is a gift and needs to be nurtured. Although children might feel free to shout at the top of the lungs, color outside the lines or just embrace the moment, age often comes with boundaries, barriers and obstacles. In other words, the fear to being expressive builds those walls. In some ways, confidence and appreciation for that feeling of self-expression can help make those barriers less intrusive.

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Whether people are ready to reveal their layers, indulge in life’s pleasures or just want to watch Miley Cyrus perform and eat some Magnum Ice Cream, life is about enjoyment. Why not watch Miley in Layers virtual concert experience on YouTube on June 10, 2021 at 2:30 PM EST. It might encourage you to embrace your many layers.