Corona USA commits to cleaner beaches with a new initiative

Corona Protect Our Beaches campaign, photo provided by Corona
Corona Protect Our Beaches campaign, photo provided by Corona /

As the waves hit the shore and sand settles between your toes, the beach atmosphere seems to wash away the difficulties of the day. Corona USA wants those peaceful moments to be part of everyone’s world for a long time to come. Through its new initiative, “Protect Our Beaches,” the company is committed to removing “one million pounds of plastic from beaches” by 2025.

In collaboration with Oceanic Global and part of World Oceans Month, Corona USA is encouraging everyone to do their part to help those sandy spots pristine and make the world a beautiful place. While some people hope for a better tomorrow, action today will preserve these landscapes so that there will still be a beach for that day in the future.

Corona USA and the beach have had a strong connection. While the imagery of a simple lounge chair under a palm tree with an iced cold beer to the side might be the visual to spur a vacation getaway, the backyard beach is just as relaxing with a Corona, too. But, the brand realizes that in order to have that beautiful getaway for tomorrow, people must be willing to act today.

As Ann Legan, vice president of brand marketing, Corona, said, “Beaches have been the heartbeat of Corona for nearly 100 years because of what they represent – a special place with the power to relax and refresh our perspectives. The ‘Protect Our Beaches’ initiative is a commitment to reduce our plastic usage and clean up a place we call home – an action that we hope can inspire communities to protect their own local beaches and create a bigger impact.”

Corona USA looks to make beaches more pristine.

Over the years, Corona has looked to reduce and remove plastic from its uses. In 2019, the brand allowed consumers to pay with plastic on World Oceans Day. Also, it looked to redesign packaging to remove the plastic rings in 2019. With the newest program, the brand continues the conversation.

As part of the Protect Our Beaches program, Corona is offering a special toolkit. Included in the toolkit is “custom branded recyclable cardboard box with gloves, a reusable mesh bag and plantable seed card with a QR code that unlocks access to the Corona Beach Clean Up Guide and will direct people to find a local clean up event in their area.” The seed card is for a lime tree. The toolkit can be purchased online for $10.

Even though not everyone lives close to a beach, the concept applies to all locales. From picking up trash at a local park to keeping streets clean in a neighborhood, when everyone does their part, the world is a better place.

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What will you do to keep your beautiful area pristine? Are you ready to plant a seed of change?