Dreyer’s Rocky Road Ice Cream flavors ranked: Which ice cream is tops?

EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY'S
EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY'S /

With National Rocky Road Day around the corner, it is time to grab the spoon for the ultimate ice cream taste test. Which Dreyer’s Rocky Road Ice Cream flavor deserves an extra scoop?

Earlier this year, Dreyer’s unveiled its Rocky Road collection. With six flavors, the various ice creams showcase that one mix-in flavor is never enough. In this case, each spoonful is overflowing with ingredients.

As the originator of Rocky Road Ice cream, William Dreyer knew that adding some marshmallows to the mix would be a delicious treat. While today’s versions may not have the makers using sewing scissors to snip pieces of marshmallows, the basic concept of that ice cream filled with mix-ins makes for a satisfying scoop.

Which Dreyer’s Rocky Road Ice Cream flavor is tops?

Included in the six flavor collection are the following flavors: Salted Caramel Pretzel Path, Chocolate Peanut Butter Park, Cookie Cobblestone, Brownie Brick Road, Mocha Almond Avenue and The Original Rocky Road. Although everyone will differ on their flavor preferences, this FoodSided’s ranking.

6. Brownie Brick Road

While a brownie sundae is always a tasty treat, the reality is that sometimes this combination can be a little sweet. This ice cream swirls brownie batter and chewy brownie pieces into the sweet cream ice cream. If you like sweet, this ice cream is for you.

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Park

Chocolate and peanut butter are always a winning combination. With this ice cream, the chocolate covered peanut butter cups are little hidden treasures in each scoop. For chocolate fans, this ice cream is a sweet treat.

4. The Original Rocky Road

Like any good classic, the original is always in fashion. This version with the tiny marshmallows and almond pieces makes each bite an adventure. Sometimes smooth, sometimes crunchy, but always a delight in the bowl.

3. Mocha Almond Avenue

For coffee lovers, this ice cream is a top choice. Studded with almonds and swirled with fudge, the coffee ice cream makes for the perfect backdrop.

2. Cookie Cobblestone

Cookies and cream might be one of the most popular ice cream flavors, this twist combines two ice creams in one. A touch of s’mores, a mix of chocolate sandwich cookies and tons of cookie dough make this ice cream totally decadent. Even though you want a big bowl, you will be satisfied with a small scoop.

1. Salted Caramel Pretzel Path

The combination of sweet and salty is always a winner. From the salted caramel ice cream to the chocolate covered toffee, each bite is a flavor explosion. And, when you uncover one of the chocolate covered salted pretzels you can’t help but smile.

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If you want to try all the flavors, head to the brands’ Instagram page for a tasty giveaway. It might be the only way to celebrate this summer.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Does it change by the seasons?