Samuel Adams and New Belgium toast to Love Conquers Ale

Love Conquers Ale by Samuel Adams and New Belgium Pride Beer Collaboration, photo provided by Samuel Adams
Love Conquers Ale by Samuel Adams and New Belgium Pride Beer Collaboration, photo provided by Samuel Adams /

As Pride celebrations fill the month of June, Samuel Adams and New Belgium have collaborated on a special beer, Love Conquers Ale. Since beer has often bridged the gap and brought people together, this beer looks to “share the love” one can at a time.

Throughout Pride Month, many companies are finding ways to put inclusion and togetherness into the conversation. While these colorful expressions might be on the table, the hope is that message lingers long after the last sip is drunk.

For Samuel Adams and New Belgium, the two craft brewers are using this collaboration as an example. Building on their combined efforts of building a strong community and supporting each other, the beer takes an offering that has been part of Pride celebrations since 2017 and expands it to a larger audience.

Carissa Sweigart, Leader of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at The Boston Beer Company said, “by co-brewing Love Conquers Ale together, we hope to spread unity, love and togetherness to even more people.”

Patrice M. Palmer, New Belgium’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist, believes “Beer is universal, represented across countries, cultures, and people. Our ongoing work is to make sure that beer represents and celebrates everyone, both inside and outside our industry,”

What can beer drinkers expect from Love Conquers Ale?

While the can might sparkle, the flavor of Love Conquers Ale is bright and refreshing. A Blackberry Basil Lime Gose, the beer is slightly sour but the bright, refreshing fruit notes excite from the first sip till the last. There is a sense of balance, harmony and togetherness in each sip.

The vibrant pink color deserves to be center of attention in the glass. The relatively light body beer makes it perfect for any celebration. After enjoying it, everyone should be feeling the love that is brewed into every can.

Love Conquers Ale is available only during June. It can be purchased at the following locations: Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and Tap Room, Samuel Adams Cincinnati Tap Room, New Belgium’s San Francisco Tap Room and New Belgium’s Denver Pilot Brewery and Fort Collins Tasting Room. Available in 4-pack 16 oz cans, the two beer brands “will donate 100% of the purchase price of every 4-pack to GLAAD during the month of June.”

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What are you drinking to celebrate Pride Month? Do you believe that a great beer can bring people together?