Insomnia Cookies ice cream inspired cookies are the best summer dessert

Insommia Cookies ice cream inspired flavors, photo provided by Insommia Summer Cookies
Insommia Cookies ice cream inspired flavors, photo provided by Insommia Summer Cookies /

When that cookie craving hits, Insomnia Cookies delivers the best tasting cookies. As summer fun goes in overdrive, its new ice cream inspired cookies are the perfect warm weather dessert. Whether you nibble or devour, these cookies are a scoop of deliciousness.

Cookie cravings and real and Insomnia Cookies is always ready and waiting to satisfy that food calling. From its classic flavors to food trends, fresh cookies are always within a quick order.

Summer and dessert often go hand in hand. While many people look to frozen desserts to satisfy that craving, no one wants those cold treats to melt all over their shirt. What about a dessert that captures those ice cream flavors without the melting issue?

Tom Carusona, chief marketing officer of Insomnia Cookies, said, “Summer is here, and many would agree that ice cream is the official dessert of warmer weather so it made sense for Insomnia to do what we do best and blend favorite ice cream flavors into our crave-worthy cookies.”

What are the Insomnia Cookies ice cream inspired flavors?

Avaialble now, there are six ice cream inspired flavors. They are Rocky Road, Cookies’ N’ Cream, Orange Creamsicle, Rocky Road Monster’wich, Orange Creamiscle Cookie’wich, and Vegan Cookies’ N’ Cream.

Looking at the six flavors, they represent the iconic summer time treats. From the sweet, yet tart Orange Creamsicle to the over the top indulgence of Rocky Road, each bites captures that flavorful ice cream, but no spoon or cone is required.

While it is probably best to get one of each of the ice cream inspired cookies, the Orange Creamsicle cookie might be the most unique option. With a combination of citrus, vanilla and white chocolate chips, it balanced that sweet yet bright. Plus, the bright orange color demands to be center of any summer gathering.

Since some people might want to double their sweet indulgence, these Insomnia cookies do make for a great component to an ice cream cookie sandwich. Actually, Insomniacs can get a great deal. According to the brand, now through June 30, “when Insomniacs purchase one Cookie’wich of their choice, they can get a classic Cookie’wich for only $2. CookieMagic members can buy one classic Cookie’wich and get one free in addition to other exclusive deals.”

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Are you ready for a taste of summer? Don’t miss the opportunity to get these Insomnia Cookies ice cream inspired flavors. Which one will you enjoy first?