Smoothie King Hydration Watermelon smoothie is the sip of summer

Smoothie King Hydration Watermelon smoothie, photo provided by Smoothie King
Smoothie King Hydration Watermelon smoothie, photo provided by Smoothie King /

Hot summer days and fun in the sun are the perfect combination for the Smoothie King Hydration Watermelon smoothie. While watermelon is often a favorite summertime fruit, there are many ways to enjoy it. With the return of this fan favorite smoothie and a new flavor option, there are plenty of reasons to head to Smoothie King before summer ends.

Building on its concept of Rule The Day, Smoothie King is offering two special smoothies for the summer, the Hydration Watermelon and Watermelon X-Treme. Both beverages blend the sweetness of watermelon with hydration benefits that are so important on warm summer days.

According to Smoothie King, the Hydration Watermelon “has more electrolytes than some of the leading sports drinks.” Made with a blend of “watermelon juice, coconut water and strawberries,” the flavor has a tropical influence but puts the watermelon flavor front and center. Adding the Smoothie King’s proprietary electrolyte blend, the refreshment keeps people coming back time and again.

What does Gabby Douglas say about the Smoothie King Hydration Watermelon Smoothie?

As a Smoothie King partner, Gabby Douglas appreciates that a flavorful smoothie can be more than just a tasty sip. She is using that blended beverage as part of her fitness routine.

Douglas said, “that first sip of a Hydration Watermelon smoothie after a tough outdoor workout is a total game changer – it’s just what I need to cool down and replenish some of the electrolytes I lost in sweat, especially on hot summer days.”

While balance is important to any fitness regime, the reality is that people want to incorporate seasonal flavors with a delicious taste. When a brand can offer those options, it will keep guests coming back time and again.

The Smoothie King Hydration Watermelon Smoothie is available at participating locations. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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What is your favorite summertime flavor? Do you always pick the same smoothie or do you prefer variety?