Glendalough Rose Gin is a vibrant gift that deserves to be cherished

Glendalough Rose Gin, photo provided by Glendalough Gin
Glendalough Rose Gin, photo provided by Glendalough Gin /

While the color captivates on the shelf, Glendalough Rose Gin is more of a love letter that might have gin drinkers re-thinking their classic gin and tonic. Although some people might be drawn to the pink hue, the story behind this Irish gin will leave a lasting impression and a yearning to go back for another sip.

When drinkers think of Irish libations, whiskey is often the spirit that comes to mind. Although that option might be common, Glendalough Distillery has earned many accolades for its gin. Taking a different approach to its ingredients, this gin offers an outstretched hand to welcome drinkers into a whole new experience.

Considered one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland, Glendalough is a lush valley filled with beauty and history. As the Monastic sites add allure to the nature, there is a tie that binds all elements of the mind and body.

Like the story of Saint Keven, who is featured on the Glendalough label, that connection to nature and a willingness to allow it to influence the product comes through in every bottle. Although the distillers’ hand might not be a home to a bird’s nest, the ingredients in the gin are foraged from the land. Without the bounty from the area, this gin would not be as flavorful.

What makes the Glendalough Rose Gin so flavorful?

While the brand makes both a classic gin and a seasonal gin, the boldly colored Glendalough Rose Gin is unlike other spirits on the shelf. Although many people will think that the pink color references rose all day, the reality is that the story behind this libation is a love story for the ages.

Glendalough Distillery appreciates that people not just the process creates a special product. Beyond the wild foraged ingredients, it is the thought process, attention to detail and desire to make a memorable beverage that lingers on the mind far longer than the finish lingers on the tongue that brings people back.

The idea for the Rose Gin is truly a love story. Anyone who has lost a parent understands that a wedding day can be both a celebration and a moment of sadness. Whether it is a daughter walking herself down the aisle or a son who doesn’t escort his mother into the church, the reality is that there can be a missing presence at a wedding when a parent has passed.

Knowing that they wanted to include an element of their mom into the wedding day, the distiller incorporated their mother’s roses into the gin. Since gin has lovely botanical notes, the addition of Rose’s (the mom) special roses put her spirit and love into each bottle. Although those first bottles were for the family wedding, each subsequent bottle has some of those roses in every batch.

When the Glendalough Rose Gin is first opened, the floral aroma instantly entices. Like a fresh flowers calling from the lush valley, the aroma is inviting, awakening and unique. Instead of a piney forward gin, the femininity comes through. It isn’t that the gin is dainty, but it has a nod to the delicate, simple beauty that slowly captivates through every sip.

While the floral notes are dominate, the gin isn’t a glass of potpourri. The variety of ingredients slowly reveal themselves. Just like the petals of a flower unfold to reveal its beauty, this gin evolves as you drink it.

Although the gin is lovely drunk simply chilled or over ice, it is equally delightful in a gin and tonic. A touch of lime boosts the brightness and accentuates all the other flavors. Overall, this spirit doesn’t need other ingredients to overshadow it.

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More information and available retailers can be found on the company’s website.

It is time to open your mind to a new gin experience. Like St. Kevin’s outstretched palm, the opportunity is waiting if you are willing to grasp it.