The secret to a great gin and tonic cocktail is surprisingly simple

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(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for NEVEREVEN) /

When thinking about a great gin and tonic cocktail, some people either love them or pass them over for a more complex libation. For gin drinkers, the simplicity of the classic G&T makes it their preferred or signature beverage. But, why is a great gin and tonic cocktail just so much better than a bad one?

Although the classic cocktail can be traced back to the 17th century, the beverage was believed to have medicinal qualities. The Dutch believed that juniper and other botanicals were beneficial. The British brought the “Genever” home after the 30 Years War.

Over time, the British became quite fond of gin. Unfortunately, some poor versions of gin were sloshed around England. Later, the gin was added to tonic because the quinine was helpful in fighting malaria. While there was still a medicinal purpose, many people just enjoyed the flavor.

Is simplicity key to a great gin and tonic cocktail?

In truth, the ingredients make a great gin and tonic cocktail. Like the difference between a premium spirit and a well liquor, there is a taste factor. One option is fine when mixed with a variety of other ingredients and one isn’t the best choice when it has to basically stand on its own. Picking the right mixer and liquor is key.

When it comes to gin, it is about personal preference. Each gin brand has a specific combination of herbal qualities. From more juniper forward to floral to a variety of other flavors. It is best to taste a various options to determine an individual preference.

From Bombay Sapphire to Aviation Gin to Beefeater to Hendricks, the choices on the shelf are many. But, no matter which gin is poured, it really comes down to the tonic.

Why is the tonic important to a great gin and tonic?

In reality, it goes to a particular question, ” shouldn’t my tonic be as good as my gin?” That concept is the mindset behind Q Mixers. One of the leading beverage brands, Q Mixers is all about putting the best tasting product in the glass. It is really that simple.

Anyone who has opened a bottle of Q Mixers tonics appreciates that concept. The flavors are clean, crisp. There is no sticky, sweet feeling that covers the mouth. It is about enjoying that simple pleasure of gin and tonic, no more or less.

Whether you are celebrating gin and tonic day, crave a refreshing cocktail on a warm day or just want to taste the difference of a great mixer. Open a bottle of your favorite gin and pour a Q Mixers tonic into the glass. And, if you have a lime to garnish, the day will be even better.

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What is your favorite cocktail? Do you prefer simple cocktails or more complex ones?