Could gin and tonic have a revival thanks to the Royal Wedding?


Gin and tonic is a classic, simple cocktail. Is the classic cocktail making a comeback thanks to the upcoming Royal Wedding?

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Some people have a favorite cocktail based on the season. For many people, a gin and tonic is a go to warmer weather cocktail. With the upcoming Royal Wedding, the classic British cocktail is seeing a spike in popularity. Is it time to rediscover this classic cocktail?

Recently, a Windsor Pub created a special limited edition gin inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding. The gin, Gin&er, is a special commemorative gin for the upcoming nuptials. While Americans won’t be able to partake in a glass (it’s only available in Britain), everyone can be inspired to rediscover gin and the classic gin and tonic.

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Gin and tonics can date back to 1700s and the British East India Company in India. Like many other cocktails of its time, the cocktail became a way to help prevent disease. Specifically for this cocktail, it was a way for soldiers to hide the bitter taste of quinine.

Today, gin and tonics are popular during warmer weather because the cocktail is refreshing. When drunk separate, gin or tonic, the drinks can have some bitter qualities. Although when drunk together, the cocktail loses its bitterness.

Each brand of gin has its own flavor profile. While often drunk with a lime, citrus isn’t the only garnish for this classic cocktail. In one example, a cool cucumber is a perfect pairing.

Henrick’s Gin most notable ditches the lime for a cucumber garnish. According to Ambassador Mattias Horseman, “(a)n infusion of botanical sophistication heightened by cucumber yields a cocktail of noticeably more sensory resonance than a more common-minded G&T.” The brightness of the cucumber adds a refreshing note to the cocktail. Just like a classic spa water, this cocktail is energizing and quite an enjoyable sip.

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To enjoy a Hendrick’s & Tonic, Horseman offers the following recommendation and recipe.

"The Hendrick’s & Tonic has become a classic in its own right. Fill the glass with good sized and well-nourished ice cubes, a ratio of 1 part Hendrick’s Gin, 3 Parts quality tonic water, and finish with 3 fine cucumber slices to garnish and accentuate the cucumber distillate within our Gin.”Recipe:Hendrick’s & Tonic1 part Hendrick’s Gin3 parts premium tonic water3 cucumber wheelsMethod:Fill a highball glass with good cubed ice.Combine all ingredients and give a gentle stir."

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Whether you are celebrating the upcoming Royal Wedding this spring or are looking for a cool cocktail, the gin and tonic could be your new signature drink.