New Hellmann’s Jalapeno Ranch Sauce is summer’s hottest condiment

Best Foods Drizzle Sauces, Jalapeno Ranch Sauce photo provided by Best Foods
Best Foods Drizzle Sauces, Jalapeno Ranch Sauce photo provided by Best Foods /

From summer barbecues to simple dinners, the new Hellmann’s Creamy Sriracha Sauce will become a pantry essential. Could it replace your other favorite drizzle sauces?

When Hellmann’s released its Drizzle Sauces, the condiments were a huge success. Whether used as a topping, a dip or a flavor boost for recipe, these sauces are simple ways for home cooks to explore their cooking creativity.

Building on that popularity, Hellmann’s has added two new flavors, Jalapeno Ranch Sauce and Creamy Sriracha Sauce. While each flavor has a slightly spicy flavor, the creaminess tames the heat.

While many people love ranch, the Jalapeno Ranch Sauce could become the must have burger topping. The creaminess keeps the burger juicy, yet the jalapeno adds some bold flavor. Even though chicken seems like an oblivious option, the burger could be the game changer.

Also, this drizzle sauce would make a tasty option on pizza. Why not swap regular ranch for this option. Just like spicy honey has been all the rage, this spicier ranch could be another food trend.

Joining the Jalapeno Ranch Sauce is the new Hellmann’s Creamy Sriracha Sauce. While many people keep a bottle of that classic sriracha the table, this sauce adds a little more depth of flavor.

One great option with this sauce would be a new take on grilled corn. Instead of just butter or even Mexican grilled corn, this flavor adds a burst of tanginess. Even if the corn is taken off the cob, a little drizzle can add some contrast to the sweetness of the corn.

Another great choice would be to serve the drizzle sauce with some grilled shrimp or even a grilled mahi. Contrasting sweet and heat is always a tasty option.

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The new Hellmann’s Creamy Sriracha Sauce and Jalapeno Ranch Sauce are available at various retailers. The suggested retail price is $3.49.

What is your must have summer barbecue condiment? Are you always looking for new flavors?