Dad wants flowers this Father’s Day, meat flowers that is

Manly Man Company Father's Day gifts in meat flowers in a meat bouquet, photo provided by Manly Company
Manly Man Company Father's Day gifts in meat flowers in a meat bouquet, photo provided by Manly Company /

Picking the perfect Father’s Day gift is not an easy task. While moms often get flowers for Mother’s Day, dad might prefer a less delicate option. Would meat flowers make dad feel like the king of the castle?

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is never an easy task. Granted dad might say that he wants to do whatever, the reality is that he probably doesn’t want to a mid-afternoon tea service with some tea sandwiches. In many households, dad wants meat.

Although dad might be happy with a gigantic tomahawk chop that he puts on the grill for dinner, it isn’t the only meat option for a tasty gift. Even though there are various food gifting options, it is time to think outside of the box and put that gift on display, literally.

The Manly Man Company is known for its creative beef gifts. These “manly bouquets” or meat flowers turn a beefy jerky into a floral display. While there are no floral flavors in that bite, the man in your life might never be happier to receive a bouquet as a gift.

Whether you call this idea a “broquet,” meat bouquet, meat flowers or just a tasty treat, the reality is that this gift will get big attention on the table. If you are looking to make a statement  for the special man in your life, these options from the Manly Man Company are the best option.

Beside the visual statement, the reality is that the flavor needs to deliver. No one wants to give a gift for the visual alone. It is like that vibrant birthday cake that is so enticing to only take a bite and find that it tastes like sawdust.

The beef jerky used to make the Manly Man Company meat bouquets are quite flavorful. From the original flavor to the teriyaki, it is a tasty treat. For the roses, it is a beef jerky. Without being too peppery, the flavor is robust, meaty forward. The texture is slightly chewy, but not too dense. It is quite an enjoyable bite.

The stem of each flower is a blend of beef, pork and spices. Similar to a beef stick, the “stem” is that bolder flavor because of the additional spices. Without having too hard of a casing, the texture has good snap back when bitten.

Overall, one full “bloom” (flower and stem) is a hearty snack. Although there isn’t necessarily a serving comparison, it felt like eating two beef sticks.

While this meat bouquet can be displayed as part of a tablescape, a few considerations should be made. When each individually wrapped meat flower is removed from the package, it is best to eat them sooner versus later. Just like any beef jerky exposed to the air, food will go stale. If the bouquet is left wrapped, it can last up to three months.

Since “boards” have become a huge food trend, why not use the Manly Company meat bouquets as a newer food trend. Instead of everything being flat on the table, make a more interesting display with various heights.

Consider surrounding that vase with some cheese candles (cheese on a stick in a candle holder).  Or, use a piece of watermelon or pineapple as a based and add various skewers of cheese and fruit. Basically, put your food imagination to work. Not all great food displays are flat on the table.

From Father’s Day to a special celebration or just because you want one, place an order from the Manly Man Company. Carnivores are craving a big bouquet of meat flowers.

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What do you think is the most unique food gift? Do you try to think outside of the tradition with food gifts?