Did Loki put a spell on Lucky Charms and turn them into Loki Charms?

New Loki Charms cereal, photo provided by General Mills
New Loki Charms cereal, photo provided by General Mills /

For Marvel fans, the Loki Charms might sound like the ultimate fandom cereal. While some people might wonder if Loki cast a spell over that favorite cereal box, the reality is a special offering is really coming. Ready to get your hands on a box? And no, you do not have to snap your fingers or collect all the Infinity Stones to magically obtain this special cereal.

According to the brand, the special, limited edition Loki Charms boxes will only have 3,500 boxes available for fans to purchase. On June 9, at 11 a.m. EST, the offering will go live on MischievouslyDelicious.com. The cost will be $8.00, which includes shipping. To say that these cereal boxes will go quickly is an understatement.

Since many Marvel superfans will have their fingers hovering over the keyboard to purchase this special Loki Charms cereal, there is a way to get early access. On the brand’s website there is an encryption code. The first 1,000 fans to solve the password will get early purchase access.

The Loki Charms offering comes after General Mills announced other pop culture cereal collaborations. From Ghostbusters to Space Jam, it seems that those favorite characters are jumping off the screen and onto the table. Whether it is starting the day with a taste of fandom or keeping that special box perched on the shelf for posterity, many people cannot get enough of these pop culture tie-ins.

Looking ahead, it seems likely that the concept will continue. While certain characters and franchises are better suited for this type of collaboration, more and more people want the crossover option. Even though the cereal might be quite similar to the classic flavor, the slight change makes it even tastier.

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What other Marvel characters deserve a cereal connection? Could Thor’s hammer come crashing down on a cereal bowl next?