Epcot adds new Food and Wine Festival marketplaces including a taste of India

Even though the Flower and Garden festival is still blooming, Disney food lovers are getting excited about new Food and Wine Festival marketplaces. From a taste of India to Kenya, there will be many reasons to make multiple visits to the celebrated Disney food festival.

Starting on July 15, Epcot will be offering guests a taste around six continents. Although Antarctica might be the uncharted food culinary adventure, this year’s food festival encourages guests to savor the flavors from around the globe, not just drink around the world.

While many festival favorites will always make an appearance, guests are always looking for the new bites. With several new Food and Wine festival marketplaces on the platter, guests will start salivating over the flavorful food that will be offered.

What are the most anticipated new Food and Wine Festival marketplaces?

Although some of the new marketplaces will not be open till October 1, the anticipation will make many Disney food lovers make a reservation for the special date. The new Food and Wine Festival marketplaces include: Brew-Wing at the Epcot Experience, The Noodle Exchange, Rotunda Bistro, The Swanky Saucy Swine, The Noodle Exchange, Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina. Also, opening on October 1, the new Food and Wine marketplaces include Kenya, Lobster Landing, and Mac & Eats.

Looking at this long list, the food flavors are both bold and approachable. From fan favorites of chicken wings to African bites from Kenya, guests need to be willing to take on that culinary adventure. While completing that food passport might need several trips, the reality is that the return visits will satisfy those food cravings.

Given that the festival runs a total of 129 days, it seems that one visit will not be enough this year. Plus, CORKCICLE is sponsoring this year’s event, which means that guests might be keeping the food celebration going beyond the park’s turnstile. Wouldn’t you want to enjoy some sparkling wine from your special Food and Wine flute?

Epcot Food and Wine Festival begins on July 15 and runs through November 20. Theme park reservations are required, but the festival is included with admission.


What is your favorite Food and Wine marketplace? Do you always taste food festival favorites or do you search for the new bites?