A free Coke is a refreshing way to celebrate togetherness this summer

Coca-Cola’s New Summer Packaging On-Shelves Nationwide, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola’s New Summer Packaging On-Shelves Nationwide, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

From long summer nights to boisterous days in the sun, a free Coke might be the perfect refreshment to make this summer a little more special. Building on the brand’s Summer Tastes Better campaign, this special offer is a reason to give that couch divot time to recover and make some amazing memories.

When Coca-Cola announced its Summer Tastes Better campaign, the concept brought some simple ideas to its bottle labels. From the anticipation of that break from school to the first time that you caught a foul ball at a baseball game, there are certain moments that seem to capture summer. Whether or not those moments are same or different from years’ past, the memories always bring back smiles.

Even if some people are not quite as lyrical as the poems on the bottles, the ideas resonate. As Brandan Strickland, brand director, Coke Breaks, said “in a multi-sensorial way that helps consumers see themselves in these moments that are synonymous both with the season and Coca-Cola.”

Can a free Coke make summer seem a little more effervescent?

As more people are ready to take a seat at the favorite restaurant table, Coca-Cola wants to help make that dining experience a little more enjoyable. Through the “This Coke’s On Us” program, both restaurants and guests can toast to summer time enjoyable.

Focusing on the idea that summer time fosters togetherness and can bring joy to many people, this program looks to bring even more smiles. Melissa Schwartz, brand director, Coke & Meals, said “Coca-Cola has always been a beacon for togetherness. As Americans re-emerge from lockdown, we hope to facilitate these connections by encouraging consumers to enjoy an ice-cold Coke on us with friends and family at their favorite restaurant.”

To participate in the This Coke’s On Us program, people can register at Coke.com/Summer. According to the brand, registrants will “receive an email prompt to complete signup on June 15 for a complimentary Coke, redeemable June 17-21.”

Coca-Cola has had memorable phrases over the years. From making the world sing to sharing smiles with others, this summer, opening a bottle of Coca-Cola is a reminder that joy and togetherness can start with a simple gesture. From a free Coke to just enjoying life’s simple pleasures, the reality is that happiness and great memories are within everyone’s grasp; you just have to open your hand to experience it.

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What are you looking forward to this summer? Would a free Coke make it even more refreshing?