Nutella makes mornings a little wild with Breakfast with the Animals

Nutella Breakfast with the Animals, photo provided by Nutella
Nutella Breakfast with the Animals, photo provided by Nutella /

While families appreciate that morning routines might have a sense of adventure, Nutella is celebrating Breakfast with the Animals, the real animals that is. Although many parents have turned those pancakes with the Original Hazelnut Spread into roaring lions and tasty turtles, the plate isn’t the only place where imagination can be sparked. This new program looks to combine nature and nurture to the most important meal of the day.

Many people feel a connection to animals. Although speaking to animals is a characteristic of Dr. Doolittle, the reality is that animals captivate people’s attention. From the all-knowing look from the aged elephant to the soaring height of a giraffe, seeing those creatures can spark a conversation. Whether it is learning a new fact or better appreciating people’s connection to nature, that concept of circle of life is even more apparent when looking at the world’s many creatures.

Many families enjoy a day at the zoo. From their habitats, guests can learn interesting facts about the hows and whys these animals are important to people’s lives. Although this experience is different than roaming the savannah, few people get the experience of watching a cheetah mom twitch her ears to teach her cubs to track a warthog in the wild.

Nutella is partnering with select zoos across the country for Breakfast with the Animals. The morning event gives guests a unique experience to watch and learn about various animals.

Todd Midura, Vice President, Marketing, Nutella North America at Ferrero, said, “Zoos are known for being the perfect place for families to spend time together and, as families look for things to do outside this summer, we are thrilled to support local zoos and be a part of these experiences to allow families to enjoy breakfast with Nutella in a unique and intimate setting.”

Through these special breakfasts, guests will get a tasty meal featuring various dishes with a Nutella slant. While the menus will vary, there will be plenty of family friend offerings.

In addition, each breakfast will feature a zookeeper who will share various antidotes and facts about the animals. Also, zoo ambassadors will share tasty tidbits about the foods that animals enjoy and their breakfast habits.

The Breakfast with the Animals events run from June through September. The 10 various locations across the U.S. include Tampa Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo and Nashville Zoo. Tickets can be purchased via the participating zoo location.

Although the animals’ breakfasts might not feature Nutella and pancakes, there are some similarities between the morning routines of animals and the rest of us. Just like mom wrangles the kids out of bed, animal moms do their part too. From making sure the “kids” eat well to teaching them skills, the bond between parents and kids is strong in all walks of life.

Why not turn the first meal of the day into one that captivates the mind long after the last bite of Nutella is eaten from the plate. Breakfast with the Animals might be the summer experience that the family will remember for years to come.

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