Blue Apron invites families on a food summer adventure with Luca inspired recipes

Blue Apron Luca inspired recipes, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Blue Apron Luca inspired recipes, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

As Luca is set to air on Disney+, Blue Apron collaborated on some Luca inspired recipes that the whole family will love. While the characters of Luca and Alberto might leave their underwater world for land adventures, these Blue Apron recipes will have many families learning to appreciate that some of the most flavorful ingredients come from all areas.

Cooking as a family can be a wonderful experience. While there are times when getting food from refrigerator to the table needs to be done efficiently, other occasions focus on the whole experience. From following the recipe to plating the food, each element builds on each other.

For families, getting kids involved with cooking changes the conversation. Sometimes when a child is part of the process, that food that might not be a favorite could turn into the tastiest treat. Having pride in making a meal can make it even more flavorful.

Blue Apron Luca inspired recipes are perfect for dinner and a movie.

Many people love dinner and a movie as their weekend diversion. Whether the recipe is an old favorite or a more adventurous food, it can be many people’s idea of a perfect evening.

In celebration of the upcoming Disney+ show Luca, Blue Apron has collaborated on some recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients and bursting with flavor, everyone will want to dive into these dishes.

Included on the menu are: Dijon-Roasted Trout & Potatoes, Calabrian Honey Pork Chops and Oregano Chicken & Orzo. These dishes will be available during the weeks of June 14, June 21 and June 28. There are 2 and 4 serving options.

Looking at these recipes, the flavors are a touch elevated yet not too far outside a family’s comfort zone. For example, the Dijon-Roasted Trout has a depth of flavor from the mustard which contrasts the bitter greens. The layers of flavors make this dish quite enjoyable.

Although some people might be intimidated by cooking fish, Blue Apron makes the process simple. By taking the guess work out of the process, Blue Apron builds confidence for the home cook. Since each dish comes with a recipe card to keep, these meals can be made time and time again.

The other two recipes take traditional family meals and add a little bolder flavor. For example, the Calabrian Honey Pork Chops has some definite spice, but it can be modified to personal preferences.

This dish shows that plain pork chops do not have to be the only option. Paired with roasted cauliflower, each serving has a good nutritional value. Even if the family might not eat a bowl of cauliflower, the roasting and seasonings make this dish quite enjoyable.

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As summer heats up, it is time to dive into some new recipes that the whole family will enjoy. Blue Apron and Luca from Disney+ might be the hottest pair for the summer. Are you ready to cool off with some new dishes to enjoy?