New MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors give summer refreshment a boost

MTN DEW Summer offerings, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN DEW Summer offerings, photo provided by MTN DEW /

From sunny days to warm nights, the new MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors are the taste of the tropics that everyone will want to enjoy over and over. While the classic Baja Blast has always captivated the Dew Nation over the years, the new MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors deserve prime space in the cooler. Thirsty for that taste of the tropics?

Recently, MTN DEW has expanded its beverage offerings. From the launch of Major Melon earlier this year to the exclusive Which Wich offering of the MTN DEW Vibe, the classic MTN DEW beverage has been transformed into many variations.

For the summer, bolder tastes of the tropics are coming. With flavors that might make the Dew Nation feel those tropical breezes in each sip, these new beverages seem almost like a vacation in a bottle.

What are the new MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors?

According to the brand, the two new flavors are Baja Flash and Baja Punch. The Baja Flash is said to have some pineapple and coconut flavors added to the classic tropical citrus. Adding the pineapple highlights the sweetness and the coconut shakes up a beachy vibe. While it won’t instantly make you feel like there’s sand between your toes, it will bring cool refreshment in a flash.

With the Baja Punch, this beverage is focuses more on the sweetness. Combining “orange, cherry and pineapple,” it is that kick of old fashion fruit punch with a MTN DEW twist. From the vibrant color to the tropical feel, this beverage might need a special cup and a fruit garnish.

Although not suggested by the brand, the Baja Punch might be a favorite with adults looking to transform the drink into a cocktail. The possibilities for this beverage are many.

How is Taco Bell celebrating the new MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors?

As everyone knows, Taco Bell and Baja Blast have a long history. This summer, the favorite beverage is getting a new twist with the Baja Colada Freeze. According to the brand, the frozen drink features “the unique taste of Baja Blast blended with smooth, sweet tropical cream.”

With this new Taco Bell creation, it raises several questions. From finding the perfect Taco Bell menu pairing to wondering why no one thought to pair a Pina Colada and Baja Blast sooner, this new beverage option is a game changer.

This summer it appears that everyone is longing for a little escape. From a taste of the tropics to that long awaited vacation, it seems that the beach vibes are all the rage.

New MTN DEW Baja Blast flavor scents
MTN DEW Summer offerings, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Even though these new MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors offer that tropical escape in a sip, the brand is wanting to do a little more. Coming in June, MTN DEW will offer Baja Island: Summer Room Scents by MTN DEW. These room scents bring the aromas of the tropics. Even that teenager’s room can become an oasis (all parents will be rejoicing). It might not be the ultimate getaway, but it will be a sensory experience to remember.

And, don’t miss the Baja Blast and Taco Bell food fashions coming this summer. In collaboration with and “designed by streetwear and sneaker brand, BAIT,” the special line will be available via NTWORK.

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Sometimes the tropical getaway doesn’t require a passport, swimsuit or sunblock. Crack open one of the new MTN DEW Baja Blast flavors and enjoy a taste of the tropics from anywhere.