MTN DEW Major Melon takes watermelon flavor to the extreme

Mountain Dew Major Melon, new watermelon flavored beverage photo provided by Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Major Melon, new watermelon flavored beverage photo provided by Mountain Dew /

Are you prepared for MTN DEW Major Melon?

Dew Nation is ready to embrace a new flavor and MTN DEW Major Melon is the refreshing sip for the New Year. As the first permanent new MTN DEW beverage in more than a decade, this new beverage satisfies a thirst for bold flavor. With a nod to nostalgia, MTN DEW delivers another beverage that excites the DEW Nation.

MTN DEW is never afraid of a challenge. Whether it is a special limited-edition flavor offering or encouraging its fans to live life to the fullest, that ice cold can of DEW is ready to fuel that experience.

Over the years, MTN DEW has created a variety of limited-edition offerings. From seasonal Voodew flavors to even restaurant specific offerings, MTN DEW is never afraid to push the flavor envelope.

With the new MTN DEW Major Melon, the beverage brand takes on watermelon flavor. Given that classic MTN DEW is a citrus forward beverage, watermelon should complement that flavor profile nicely.

Nicole Portwood, vice president, marketing, MTN DEW, said “Watermelon is a truly transportive taste, evoking feelings of freedom and nostalgia. As a brand, MTN DEW is always pushing the envelope to bring DEW Nation the next bold taste that they crave in a way only DEW can.”

MTN DEW Major Melon new beverage
Mountain Dew Major Melon, photo provided by Mountain Dew /

Thinking of watermelon, it is often that food found at picnics and summer gatherings. While watermelon is a year-round food, it brings that sense of togetherness, happiness and good times around food. In many ways, it is a food and flavor that is loved by many.

In some ways, that flavor popularity is what drove the new MTN DEW offering. Portwood said, “We found watermelon to be the number one choice of flavors tested amongst our fans, and MTN DEW Major Melon is our answer for those who are looking for a refreshing charge to keep them invigorated all day long.”

The new MTN DEW Major Melon will be available in both classic and Zero Sugar Variety. Both options will be available in a variety of sizes and packaging.

With this new flavor option, there is another possibility for enjoyment beyond just popping open a can. As seen with the MTN DEW cookbook, the popular beverage can be used in a variety of ways. From a simple cocktail to flavoring a dessert, the possibilities are many.

Looking ahead, a frozen watermelon drink (spiked or not) would be a great choice with this new beverage. Also, it could be great flavor in a simple cake recipe. Even working it into a spicy Asian dish could be quite tasty.

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Why not pop open a can of the new MTN DEW Major Melon and see how the watermelon DEW flavor inspires you. When it comes to DEW Nation, anything is possible.

What is your favorite MTN DEW flavor? Are you excited for this new beverage offering?