Get excited about ice cubes this summer

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(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images) /

When was the last time you got a thrill when you heard ice cubes tinkling in your glass? It’s easy to get stuck in an ice rut where all of your cubes are kinda square. Don’t let that happen! Have fun with your ice! Now’s the time to get excited about ice – yes, I said ICE BABY!

If your ice cubes are all one size and one color, then you need to get excited about all of the different types of cubes you can make right in your own kitchen. Why should you care about fancy ice cubes? Because your friends will be impressed when you serve them cool refreshing beverages with colorful whimsical cubes. They will think you are just too cool for school!

Size matters when you are a cube. According to Vinepair,  large ice cubes (2 inches x 2 inches) melt more slowly than smaller ice cubes so they are perfect for Manhattans or scotch. They also recommend using ice balls for straight spirits such as Old Fashioned. Ice balls are usually about the same size as large ice cubes and they add a little whimsy to your cocktail glass. Crushed, cracked or pebble ice is most often used in Mint Juleps and tiki drinks. Clear ice like the cubes the mixologist serves at your favorite watering hole are all the rage right now. There are lots of videos on how to make clear ice on YouTube.

Williams Sonoma offers a large variety of ice cube molds and accessories. Jumbo ice cube molds, novelty molds, even an ice stamp to personally stamp a message on your ice cubes are just a click away.

Ice cubes filled with edible flowers and fruits are so pretty in the glass. Nasturtiums and lavender are just bloom abundantly in the summer and they are the perfect flowers to freeze in jumbo cubes. Martha Stewart offers easy to follow instructions on how to make beautiful cubes with edible flowers on her website. If you missed the opportunity to grow your own edible flowers and do not have a local source to buy them, fill your ice trays with colorful fruit and herbs instead. Fresh spearmint and strawberries make a pretty cube for iced tea and lemonade. Celery leaves make fun cubes to serve with Bloody Marys. Cooking Light Magazine suggests blueberry lime, cucumber mint and hibiscus ice cubes to decorate your summer drinks.

Ice cubes are a great way to use up leftover coffee, champagne, wine and fruit juices. You can use the frozen coffee cubes in iced coffee, champagne cubes in mimosas, wine cubes in sangria and lemonade cubes in lemonade. These flavored cubes will not dilute your drink as they melt.

In the hot summer months it is important to remember to keep hydrated. Adding decorative fresh fruit ice cubes to a pitcher of sparkling or still water will encourage everyone to drink up and stay hydrated while enjoying summer activities.

What sizes and shapes are the ice cubes in your freezer? Ready to try making some fun new ice cubes this summer?