Jason Derulo just launched One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant

Jason Derulo and Jack in the Box launch One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant, photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jason Derulo and Jack in the Box launch One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

Ready for a taste of the hottest new restaurant to hit Los Angeles, One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant? While everyone knows that Jason Derulo is a multi-talented entertainer, restaurateur can now be added to his list of accomplishments. In partnership with Jack in the Box, now everyone can experience those Milli Meals that have taken Tik Tok by storm.

Virtual restaurants have become the food trend for celebrities to bring their favorite foods to fans. While the celebrities might not be stepping onto the cook line in the kitchen, they have a strong hand in creating these menus. In many ways, it offers a taste of the food that is often on their plate.

Anyone who follows Jason Derulo on TikTok knows that he celebrates his milestones with “Milli Meals.” While those meals might feature some unusual ingredients in that “larger-than-life dinner or dessert,” it shows how food is a celebration. In many ways, that universal food language proves that everyone, even the most famous celebrities, have similar likes to “regular people.”

Are you ready for a taste of One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant from Jason Derulo?

In partnership with Jack in the Box, the One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant is a special, limited time only offering. Inspired by some of Derulo’s favorite menu items, this Uber Eats only virtual restaurant is open now through June 28.

Derulo said, that “Jack in the Box is my guilty pleasure.” He believes that this restaurant experience is the perfect way to celebrate his “next million of TikTok followers.”

According to Derulo, he said, “With Jack’s menu variety, we curated the ultimate spread that includes five deliciously indulgent items.” Those menu items include: Milli Meal, BurgerAco, Mega Milli Platter, OREO Cookie Cheesecake Milli Shake and Bacon Churro Milli Shake.

The Milli Meal features “Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack, Roost Fries, and Mini Chocolate Croissant Bites.” Compared to other celebrity meals at quick service restaurants, this option seems quite decadent.

For an even more over the top option, the Mega Milli Platter features, “mixed base of the tiny tacos, curly fries and jalapeño poppers topped with crispy bacon, cheese sauce, shredded cheddar, ranch and a mystery sauce.” Everyone will want to know what is that mystery sauce. To the person who figures out that flavor, they will be the envy of foodies everywhere.

Lastly, the Bacon Churro Milli Shake might change quick service restaurants forever. It features “a sweet vanilla shake with maple syrup and bacon pieces blended with cinnamon sugar, topped with our signature churros and delicious bacon.”

This menu item begs the question, why hasn’t someone combined bacon, churros and a milkshake before? Could this idea be the next big food trend?

Although the One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant is a Los Angeles Area Uber Eats exclusive, there is a way to get a taste of this special food offering. According to Jack in the Box, the Milli Meal can be ordered via the Jack in the Box mobile app. The special meal is available through August 8. Prices and participation may vary.

Plus, for guests who place a mobile Milli Meal order, they are entered to win various prizes. For more information, please visit the rules website for more details.

Celebrity meals and celebrity driven virtual restaurants have become a huge food trend. Whether it is wanting a stronger connection to that favorite celebrity or just the craving for a new flavor, this concept is only going to continue to grow.

Although many of the celebrity driven meals are available for a limited time offering, the food combinations many not permanently leave the menu. Just because the special offering isn’t front and center on the promotional materials doesn’t mean that those favorite food items have totally disappeared. That Triple Bacon Cheesy Jack is always a tasty choice.

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What do you think of this One in a Milli Virtual Restaurant from Jack in the Box and Jason Derulo? Are you excited to place an order?