Kinder Bueno Mini offers new way to enjoy the favorite treat

Kinder Bueno Mini, photo provided by Ferrero
Kinder Bueno Mini, photo provided by Ferrero /

The creamy, crispy, layered Kinder Bueno is always an indulgent treat and the Kinder Bueno Mini brings that deliciousness to a bite-sized option. From satisfying that sweet craving or transforming it into a decadent dessert, this new format means that there are no excuses for not indulging in that favorite Kinder experience.

When Kinder Bueno came to the U.S. market, many people were thrilled. That combination of textures makes the first bite as satisfying as the last crumb.

While kids might love the play aspect of Kinder Joy, adults might not be quite as ready to “play” during snack time. But, they crave that crispy texture, luscious cream and chocolatey goodness. Even though an entire Kinder Bueno might be a little much to eat, it is hard to stop mid-way through the experience.

As Catherine Bertrac, SVP Marketing, Kinder North America, said, “We’ve had an incredible reception for Kinder Bueno since launching in the U.S. almost two years ago and now with Kinder Bueno Mini, we are creating more ways for our fans to savor the distinctive crispy-creamy, multi-layered experience of Kinder Bueno. Our new take on Kinder Bueno is perfect for sharing at the end of a delicious meal, or to enjoy with others during movie night thanks to it being bite-sized, and individually wrapped.”

With the Kinder Bueno Mini, the smaller size means that there are plenty of reasons to give into that sweet craving. From keeping a few individually wrapped ones in the candy bowl to grabbing a handful from the sharable bag, the reality is that these treats deserve prime space on the snack shelf.

In some ways, the Kinder Bueno Mini could become the new must have dessert decoration. Many people enjoy adding a mini-candy bar to a cake or cupcake. This mini option is perfect for that dessert concept.

Whether the Kinder Bueno Mini is used to cover the side of a cake or just one is used on a cupcake, the recipe creativity could be flowing. Also, consider even cutting them into pieces and mixing them with some salty bites for a sweet, salty and crunchy combination. That idea could become the ultimate treat.

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Kinder Bueno Mini is available at various retailers now. Packages come in 5.7oz Share Packs or 9.5oz Family Packs.

What is your favorite candy? Do you enjoy transforming candy into other desserts?