Andy Grammer turns summer camp traditions into melodic memories, exclusive

Andy Grammer for Quaker Chewy, photo provided by Quaker Chewy on behalf of Andy Grammer
Andy Grammer for Quaker Chewy, photo provided by Quaker Chewy on behalf of Andy Grammer /

Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist Andy Grammer always seems to capture the perfect sentiment in his songs. In his latest collaboration with Quaker Chewy, Grammer is looking for a new voices to join his lyrical creation. Are you ready to turn summer camp traditions into melodic moments?

For many people, summer camp is the best part of summer. Whether it is being away from home for the first time or spending all day just having fun, those moments of play can be the memories that people remember long after summer fades away.

Through this partnership with Grammer and Quaker Chewy, the pair believes that the perfect summer camp song needs to be written. Although Grammer is a lyrical master, he is asking for a little help. Are you ready to turn your memories into music?

Why is Andy Grammer excited about the Quaker Chewy Camp Track Song?

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Grammer about this collaboration. One of the reasons why this song collaboration resonated with him is the concept of play. Grammer said, “we need to get kids back playing together because they haven’t been able to play for a while.” As many parents appreciate, play is vital for kids. It is more than just having fun, that play opens a whole imaginative world.

In the Grammer household, music and singing is part of their play and fun. Grammer shared, singing is something that they “do all day long.” This opportunity to “compile all these lyrics” and “write a song” with his daughter makes it even sweeter.

But Grammer appreciates that this summer camp song will bring together all different perspectives into one collaborative effort. Still, this song “is going to be light, like my favorite camp songs. They’re really fun, sweet and silly.” Bringing together as many people’s ideas is going to make the collaborative effort even more special.

Even though Grammer admits that he has used songs to get his kids to eat some food or make chores less tiresome, he believes that songs often are about “heightening how you feel.” Whether it is making washing the dishes fun or bath time a little humorous, those little songs are more important than parents might realize. Sometimes those catchy tunes might be the ones that last far longer than just being sung in the moment.

As seen over Grammer’s successful career, he knows how to capture a sentiment through his melodies and lyrics. Grammer shared that the “most basic form of songwriting is a love song” and it is often directed “straight across to your wife or girlfriend.” While he has tried “angle down” a song towards his daughters or “angle up” a song to his mom, he often as a person in mind when capturing those feelings into words.

Regardless of the angle, there are “certain parts that resonate” that “make them universal to everyone.” Now as his daughter listens and asks about his songs, she wants to know who inspired those special songs.

While the Quaker Chewy Camp Track Song might not be an epic love song, it will be a catchy tune that captures the sentiment of the summer. From that tire swing jump over the lake to toasting s’mores around the campfire, Grammer will do his best to bring together all those moments so that this song resonates with everyone.

If you want to join in the musical experience, everyone can submit their lyric suggestions to now through June 30, 2021. For “every eligible lyric submission, the Quaker Chewy Play Fund will donate $1, up to $200,000 (minimum donation $50,000), to support the American Camp Association and their Send a Child to Camp Fund.”

Andy Grammer will be releasing new single on June 28, 2021.

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What was your favorite summer camp memory? Do you think that moment would make a great lyric for the Quaker Chewy Camp Track Song?