Gatorade celebrates greatness with Champions Edition collectors’ bottles

Gatorade Champions Edition limited edition bottles, photo provided by Gatorade
Gatorade Champions Edition limited edition bottles, photo provided by Gatorade /

For some people, raising their hands in victory and believing “I am the greatest” could be their pinnacle athletic moment. With the Gatorade Champions Edition collectors’ bottles, inspired by Muhammad Ali, that spirit of greatness can inspire everyone to seize the opportunities that lay ahead of them.

Available for a limited time, the Gatorade Champions Edition collectors’ bottles feature Ali fight posters. The designs will be available the following flavors, Orange, Lemon Lime, Glacier Cherry, Glacier Freeze, Cool Blue and Fruit Punch. The bottles can be found at various retailers.

While these bottles do have a giveaway attached to them, the concept is more than just winning some special prizes. In many ways, the labels are another example how people look to athletes as inspiration.

Gatorade has long been a symbol of athletic success. From the coach who gets dosed with the container at the end of a championship game to the hydration that athletes seek to fuel their performance, that beverage has become an iconic symbol.

While people can debate the favorite Gatorade beverage, the reality is that the beverage brand is more than just a thirst quencher. People look to it and the athletes that it partners with as inspiration both on and off the field. Even though everyone cheers for that goal achievement, the work beyond the field of play fuels that success.

With these Gatorade Champions Edition collectors’ bottles, the concept isn’t just about celebrating Muhammad Ali the athlete. It is about celebrating the voice that sparked change. People might remember those iconic phrases of being a champion or the butterfly and the bee, but Ali the advocate will be remembered far longer.

When people grab one of these bottles off the shelf, it will always provide hydration and refreshment. Maybe looking at one of these labels could also inspire some greatness beyond the field of play, too.

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