Juneteenth food and beverage pairings that top chefs recommend

Bombay Sapphire new flavor, photo provided by Bombay Sapphire
Bombay Sapphire new flavor, photo provided by Bombay Sapphire /

For those celebrating on June 19, Juneteenth food and beverage pairings are essential to creating a celebratory menu. While the Freedom Day celebration has various ways of celebrating, food and beverage pairings are often part of the event. Since the food is symbolic of the day, some top chefs are making some recommendations on a few pairings.

According to Epicurious, there are some dishes that represent prosperity and other dishes that have a red hue. The red-colored food and beverages have been part of the African diaspora. Since red is said to represent the “embodiment of spiritual power and transformation,” both the food and beverages feature that color.

Recently, Marcus Samuelsson gathered some other top Black Chefs to share some food and cocktail pairings for Juneteeth. In partnership with Bombay Sapphire and its new Bombay Bramble berry forward gin, these food and beverage pairings are vibrant in color and flavor.

In addition to Samuelsson, the participating chefs include Adrienne Cheatham (SundayBest NYC), Joseph Johnson (Charcoal Venice LA), and Tristen Epps (Red Rooster Overtown in Miami).These chefs were featured in Samuelsson’s book, The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food. That book features storied of Black culinary traditions and the diversity of Black cooking.

Through the series of Bursting with Berries, the four chefs shared food and cocktail pairing suggestions for Juneteenth. While these ideas are delightful for the holiday, the pairings can be enjoyed at any time.

Here are the chefs Juneteenth food and beverage pairings.

Marcus Samuelsson- The Bramble 75 with Grilled Piri Piri Shrimp with Blackberry Watermelon Salad

Similar to the French 75, the berry forward Bramble 75 plays off the spiciness of the Piri Piri. With an additional sweet, yet bright, watermelon salad, the flavors present a great start to a meal. It awakens the palate to experience the meal progression.

Adrienne Cheatham- Marinated Sliced Salmon with Blackberry-Bramble Salsa

Salmon can stand up to bold flavors. With the salsa, the richness of the salmon is balanced with the brightness of the salsa. Still light and refreshing, each bite is more satisfying than the previous one.

Joseph Johnson- Moroccan Spiced Zucchini and Mushroom with Blackberry Harissa Sauce

Harissa is a nuanced Northern African spice. The meatiness of the mushrooms stands up to the boldness of the harissa. In contrast to the slightly sweet blackberry, everyone will want an second serving.

Tristen Epps- Greek Yogurt and Raspberry Mousse Trifle Cake with Brambleberry Compote

Every meal should end on a sweet note. This dessert has sweetness, but it isn’t too heavy. The Greek Yogurt adds a touch of tartness. With all the layers, the perfect bite is almost a choose your own adventure.

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These ideas are just some suggestions for Juneteenth food and beverage options. What will you be serving for the celebration?