New bubly coconut pineapple brings tropical flavors to summer beverages

New bubly coconut pineapple, photo provided by bubly
New bubly coconut pineapple, photo provided by bubly /

Dreaming of those warm breezes on a beach getaway? The new bubly coconut pineapple flavor is a taste of the tropics in a can. A smile is waiting every time that can is popped open.

A change of season often brings new flavors. Those limited time offerings capture the moment, satisfy a craving or just make people smile with a new choice on the shelf.

Many people turn to bubly as their preferred sparkling water refreshment. From the caffeine boosted bubly bounce to even the bubly drops flavor enhancer for their SodaStream, bubly always brings the smiles.

For the summer, the brand is offering two limited time flavors. The new bubly coconut pineapple combines the sweet pineapple that many people love with a slightly tropical coconut flavor. Although not a coconut sparkling water, the combination of the two tropical forward flavors makes for delightful combination.

Thinking about this flavor, it lends itself to cocktail hour. From turning that tiki cocktail into a slightly lighter version to adding a little sparkle to a mocktail, this flavor has many possibilities. It might be best to buy multiple packages to have a few extra cans on hand.

bubly passionfruit
bubly passionfruit, photo provided by bubly /

Also, the fan favorite passionfruit is making a return this summer. First released last year, the passionfruit flavor has a slightly tart finish. While passionfruit has a slight citrus taste, it is that tartness that makes it unique.

While many people happily enjoy a can of bubly on its own, these two flavors lend themselves to creating new drinks. On the bubly mix site, there are many cocktails and mocktails that can offer some sipping inspiration.

Both the new bubly coconut pineapple and the passionfruit flavors will be available starting in July. The 12-ounce cans will be sold in 8 and 12 count packages.

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What is your favorite bubly sparkling water flavor? Do you have several cans stocked in the fridge?